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Australian Journal of Politics & History

EU-Australia Relations at Fifty: Reassessing a Troubled Relationship
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The Two Streams of Australia's Middle Power Imagining and their Sources
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Book Reviews
vol. 60 (3): 466-502

Britain and the World: Historical Journal of The British Scholar Society

Conspiracy Theory and its Discontents
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Anglo-American Inter-Imperialism: US Expansion and the British World, c.1865–1914
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Excessive Americanisms: Hollywood in the British Empire, 1918–1930
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To Be or Not to Be? The North Korean Challenge to British Foreign Policy, 1971–1976
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To Issue ‘Stand Down’ or Not…: Britain and Kashmir, 1947–49
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Collaborations in Space: Memories of British Space Science, 1960–1980
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Cold War History

The nuclear nation and the German question: an American reactor in West Berlin The nuclear nation and the German question: an American reactor in West Berlin
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