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Architectural Heritage

Scholarship, Catholicity of Taste and Rigour: The Pre-History and Formative Years of the Buildings of Scotland Research and Publication Project, 1959–90
vol. 25 (1): 1-41
The National Monument of Scotland
vol. 25 (1): 43-83
A Pride of Lions: Noel Paton and the National Wallace Monument
vol. 25 (1): 85-106
The Earl of Perth's Chapel of 1688 at Drummond Castle and the Roman Catholic Architecture of James VII
vol. 25 (1): 107-131
Scottish Episcopal Churches, 1860–1910: The Continuing Influence of the Ecclesiological Movement
vol. 25 (1): 133-157
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vol. 25 (1): 167-169

Archives of Natural History

Natural history in newspapers: Dugald Semple (1884–1964), Ayrshire naturalist and nature journalist
vol. 41 (2): 1-14

Arms & Armour

Thom Richardson, vol. 11 (2): 87-89
New Light on the Swordmakers, Goldsmiths and Jewellers, John Ray and James Montague, Active in Partnership in London 1800–1821, With a New and Extended List of Their Known Work
Leslie Southwick, vol. 11 (2): 90-141
A British Expeditionary Force Armour
Thom Richardson, vol. 11 (2): 142-146
The Archduke and the Bullet-Proof Vest: 19th-Century Innovation Versus 20th-Century Firepower
Lisa Traynor, vol. 11 (2): 147-163
Tailored to the Times: The Story of Casimir Zeglen’s Silk Bullet-Proof Vest
Sławomir Łotysz, vol. 11 (2): 164-186
The Blanch–Chevallier Discharger: A Shoulder-Fired Grenade Launcher for the Trenches
Jonathan Ferguson, vol. 11 (2): 187-199

Art History

Visuality, Morality, and Same-Sex Desire: The Infants Christ and Saint John the Baptist in Early Netherlandish Art
Andrea Pearson, ONLINE EARLY
The Problem of Race in Brazilian Painting, c. 1850–1920
Rafael Cardoso, ONLINE EARLY
Living Statues and Neoclassical Dress in Late Eighteenth-Century Naples
Amelia Rauser, ONLINE EARLY
Imagining Imperial Modernity in British Colonial West Africa: Gerald Spencer Pryse's Work for the Empire Marketing Board
Memories of Kinship in Keith Vaughan's Post-War Paintings
Gregory Salter, ONLINE EARLY
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