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Arms & Armour

The Tower at War 1914–18: Foreman Buckingham Goes To War
Bridget Clifford, vol. 12 (1): 45-52
The Chemistry of Swords: Using Analytical Chemistry Techniques to Investigate Medieval Swords
John Worley, vol. 12 (1): 53-66
Performance of Greek–Roman Artillery
Cesare Rossi, vol. 12 (1): 67-89
Royal Armouries Acquisitions 2014
Thom Richardson, vol. 12 (1): 90-93

Art History

‘Sovereignty belongs to God’: Text, Ornament and Magic in Islamic and Christian Seville
Phantasms and Metonyms: The Limits of Representation in Fifth-Century Athens
Nathaniel B. Jones, ONLINE EARLY
The ‘Effeminate’ Buddha, the Yogic Male Body, and the Ecologies of Art History in Colonial India
Statuino: An Undercurrent of Anticlassicism in Italian Baroque Art Theory
Lorenzo Pericolo, ONLINE EARLY
Abstracts & Authors’ Biographies
vol. 38 (4): 598-603
Introduction: Objects in Motion in the Early Modern World
Meredith Martin, Daniela Bleichmar, vol. 38 (4): 604-619
Exotica on the Move: Birds of Paradise in Early Modern Holland
Claudia Swan, vol. 38 (4): 620-635
The Persian Madonna and Child: Commodified Gifts between Diplomacy and Armed Struggle
Sinem Arcak Casale, vol. 38 (4): 636-651
Mirror Reflections: Louis XIV, Phra Narai, and the Material Culture of Kingship
Meredith Martin, vol. 38 (4): 652-667
An Imperial Mughal Tent and Mobile Sovereignty in Eighteenth-Century Jodhpur
Zirwat Chowdhury, vol. 38 (4): 668-681
History in Pictures: Translating the Codex Mendoza
Daniela Bleichmar, vol. 38 (4): 682-701
Chinese Porcelain and Muslim Port Cities: Mercantile Materiality in Coastal East Africa
Sandy Prita Meier, vol. 38 (4): 702-717
Chairs, Writing Tables, and Chests: Indian Ocean Furniture and the Postures of Commercial Documentation in Coastal Yemen, 1700–40
Nancy Um, vol. 38 (4): 718-731
Metamorphosis at the Mughal Court
Jessica Keating, vol. 38 (4): 732-747
Transporting India: The Gentil Album and Mughal Manuscript Culture
Chanchal Dadlani, vol. 38 (4): 748-761
Peepboxes, Society, and Visuality in Early Modern China
Kristina Kleutghen, vol. 38 (4): 762-777
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