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Archives of Natural History

Gilbert Dempster Fisher (1906–1985): the BBC's “Hut Man”, Scottish naturalist, children's author and radio broadcaster
vol. 42 (2): 344-354
“Flower of Aristolochia gigas var. sturtevantii used as a hat by a native of British Guiana” – a photograph from Everard im Thurn at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
vol. 42 (2): 355-356
Flora Lituanica inchoata (1781–1782) by J. E. Gilibert: a preliminary census of copies in Polish libraries
vol. 42 (2): 356-357
Nineteenth-century records of Sowerby's beaked whale (Mesoplodon bidens): addendum, Danish records
vol. 42 (2): 357-358
The illustrations in A. R. Wallace's Malay archipelago (1869) and in a much-enhanced French translation in Le tour du monde (1870–1873)
vol. 42 (2): 358-362
Corrigendum to J. J. F. J. Jansen and S. D. van der Mije, Review of the mounted skins and skulls of the extinct Falkland Islands wolf, Dusicyon australis, held in museum collections. Archives of natural history 42 (1): 91–100.
vol. 42 (2): 362-362
KING-HELE, Desmond. Erasmus Darwin and evolution. Stuart Harris: Sheffield, 2014. Pp vii, 212; illustrated. Price £ 8.00 (hardback). ISBN 97809542145187.
vol. 42 (2): 363-364
BENTON, Ted. Alfred Russel Wallace: explorer, evolutionist, public intellectual – a thinker for our own times? Siri Scientific Press, Manchester: 2013. Pp 223; illustrated. Price £ 21.00 (paperback). ISBN 9780957453029.
vol. 42 (2): 364-365
KANELLOS, Tony. Imitation of life: a visual catalogue of the nineteenth century fruit models at the Santos Museum of Economic Botany in the Adelaide Botanic Garden: a collection of papier mâché models made by Heinrich Arnoldi & Co. Gotha, Germany (1856–18
vol. 42 (2): 365-365
WALLACE, A. R. On the organic law of change: a facsimile edition and annotated transcription of Alfred Russel Wallace's Species Notebook of 1855–1859. Annotated by J. T. Costa. Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts, & London: 2013. Pp xii, 57
vol. 42 (2): 366-367
WILLIAMS, Glyn. Naturalists at sea: scientific travellers from Dampier to Darwin. Yale University Press, New Haven: 2013. Pp xv, 309; illustrated. Price £ 25.00 (hardback). ISBN 9780300180732.; TOBIN, Beth Fowkes. The Duchess's shells: natural history co
vol. 42 (2): 368-369
WILSON, Gilbert Livingston. Uses of plants by the Hidatsas of the Northern Plains. Edited and annotated by Michael Scullin. University of Nebraska Press, Lincoln, Nebraska & London: 2014. Pp xxxix, 432; illustrated. Price US$ 65.00 (hardback). ISBN 978080
vol. 42 (2): 369-370
FOX, Peter. Trinity College Library Dublin. A history. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge: 2014. Pp xviii, 397 + 8pp plates; illustrated. Price £ 25.00 (hardback). ISBN 9781107011203.
vol. 42 (2): 370-371
DE SMET, Ingrid A. R. La fauconnerie à la Renaissance. Le Hieracosophion (1582–1584) de Jacques Auguste de Thou. Edition critique, traduction et commentaire précédés d'une étude historique de la chasse au vol en France au XVIe siècle. Librairie Droz, Gene
vol. 42 (2): 371-372
RIX, Martyn. The golden age of botanical art. Andre Deutsch in association with the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, London: 2012. Pp 256; illustrated. £ 25.00 (hardback). ISBN 9780233003641.
vol. 42 (2): 372-373
RADER, Karen A., and CAIN, Victoria E. M. Life on display: revolutionizing U.S. museums of science and natural history in the twentieth century. Chicago University Press, Chicago and London: 2014. Pp 467; illustrated. Price $ 45.00 (hardback). ISBN 978022
vol. 42 (2): 373-373
THOMAS, Vivian, and FAIRCLOTH, Nicki. Shakespeare's plants and gardens. A dictionary. Bloomsbury Arden Shakespeare, London: 2014. Pp xviii, 414. Price £ 100.00 (hardback). ISBN 9781441143709.
vol. 42 (2): 374-374
McGREGOR REID, Gordon, and MOORE, Geoffrey (editors). History of zoos and aquariums: from royal gifts to biodiversity conservation. North of England Zoological Society, Chester: 2014. Pp v, 158; illustrated. Price £ 20 (paperback). ISBN 9781871271058.
vol. 42 (2): 374-375
KAPLAN, Susan and PECK, Robert McCracken. North by degree: new perspectives on Arctic exploration. American Philosophical Society, Philadelphia: 2013. Pp xviii, 469; illustrated. Price US$ 50 (paperback). ISBN 9781606189238.
vol. 42 (2): 375-376
VINNEDGE, Dale. California's whaling coast. Arcadia, Charleston, South Carolina: 2014. Pp 128; illustrated. Price US$ 21.99 (paperback). ISBN 9781467131711.; VINNEDGE, Dale. Pacific Northwest's whaling coast. Arcadia, Charleston, South Carolina: 2014. Pp
vol. 42 (2): 377-378
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