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Journal of Medieval History

The posthumous knighting of Dafydd Gam
vol. 43 (1): 89-105
‘Then a great misfortune befell them’: the laws of war on surrender and the killing of prisoners on the battlefield in the Hundred Years War
vol. 43 (1): 106-117
Another 1415: Portugal’s military landscape at the time of Agincourt
vol. 43 (1): 118-135

Journal of Medieval Iberian Studies

Cluny in Catalonia
Cluny in Catalonia

Journal of Religious History

The History of the Jehovah's Witnesses: An Appraisal of Recent Scholarship
Inventing Revivalist Millennialism: Edwards and the Scottish Connection
Nathan Friend, ONLINE EARLY
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vol. 41 (1): 1-2
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