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History of European Ideas

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The enlightened narrative in the age of liberal reform: William Robertson’s View of the Progress of Society in Hungary
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The genre of radical thought and the practices of equality: the trajectories of William Godwin and John Thelwall in the mid-1790s
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Political myth and sacrifice
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Ultra-modern thoughts: political theology in Leo Strauss’s Philosophy and Law
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Gibbon’s second trilogy: an introductory survey
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David Hume the polymath
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Recent Volumes in the Complete Works of Voltaire
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Jeremy Bentham on liberty of taste
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At the Origins of Modern Geography. The Oecumene: an Anthropogeographical Pattern
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Accounts of early Christian history in the thought of François Guizot, Benjamin Constant and Madame de Staël 1800–c.1833
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A threat like no other threat, George Berkeley against the freethinkers
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The origins of the modern emotions: Princess Elisabeth of Bohemia and the embodied mind
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Atheism: whence and whither?
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Did Harrington’s cats catch Harvey’s chick? Vitalistic imagery in early modern republican political theory
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Intellectual history for the non-converted
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Europe as a nation? Intellectuals and debate on Europe in the inter-war period
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