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Social History of Medicine

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South African Historical Journal

The Settler Enclaves of Southern Africa and the African Peripheral Areas (Reserves): The Case of the Ghanzi and Tati White Farming Districts of Botswana, 1898–1970
The Rise and Fall of The Moffat Institution: Mission Education in a Colonial Borderland
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A History of Malawi: 1859–1966
‘Radio Apartheid’: Investigating a History of Compliance and Resistance in Popular Afrikaans Music, 1956–1979
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Sharing Life-History and Other Memory: The Mining Persons in South Africa, 1951–2011
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Family Commitments, Economies of Emotions, and Negotiating Mental Illness in Late-Nineteenth to Mid-Twentieth-Century Natal, South Africa
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The Quantitative Cape: A Review of the New Historiography of the Dutch Cape Colony
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