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Journal of Tourism History

Motion pictures: an analysis of the posters of Victorian Railways during the 1920s and 1930s
Colin Symes, vol. 7 (3): 210-227
Battle lines in the Hot Lakes District, New Zealand, c.1900: tourism development and the contested nature of place
Hamish Bremner, vol. 7 (3): 228-245
Sea bathing and seaside tourism in Portugal in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries: an overview
Pedro Alexandre Guerreiro Martins, vol. 7 (3): 246-267
Dark tourism and crime
David Botterill, vol. 7 (3): 290-292
Blackpool's seaside heritage
Peter Borsay, vol. 7 (3): 292-294
A cosmopolitan journey? Difference, distinction and identity work in gap year travel; Lifestyle mobilities: intersections of travel, leisure and migration
Linda L. Mahood, vol. 7 (3): 294-296
Masters and students: Jesuit mission ethnography in seventeenth-century New France
Terence J. Fay, vol. 7 (3): 296-298
Seascapes: shaped by the sea: embodied narratives and fluid geographies
Tricia Cusack, vol. 7 (3): 298-301
Unspeakable awfulness: America through the eyes of European travelers, 1865–1900
Robin Jarvis, vol. 7 (3): 301-303
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Journal of Urban History

Introduction. Unmarried and Unknown: Urban Men and Women in the Low Countries Since the Early Modern Period
Devos, I., Schmidt, A., De Groot, J., vol. 42 (1): 3-20
Women Alone in Early Modern Dutch Towns: Opportunities and Strategies to Survive
Schmidt, A., van der Heijden, M., vol. 42 (1): 21-38
Rural Single Female Migrants in Early-Nineteenth-Century Bruges: An Exception to the Rules?
De Langhe, S., vol. 42 (1): 39-60
Alone and Far from Home: Gender and Migration Trajectories of Single Foreign Newcomers to Antwerp, 1850-1880
Greefs, H., Winter, A., vol. 42 (1): 61-80
Discourses versus Life Courses: Servants Extramarital Sexual Activities in Flanders during the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries
Matthys, C., vol. 42 (1): 81-100
Life and Death of Singles in Dutch Cities, 1850-1940
Kok, J., Mandemakers, K., vol. 42 (1): 101-120
Service Access in Premodern Cities: An Exploratory Comparison of Spatial Equity
Stanley, B. W., Dennehy, T. J., Smith, M. E., Stark, B. L., York, A. M., Cowgill, G. L., Novic, J., Ek, J., vol. 42 (1): 121-144
Place and Politics at the Frankfurt Paulskirche after 1945
Rose, S. E., vol. 42 (1): 145-161
The Streetcar in the Urban Imaginary of Latin America
Rosenthal, A., vol. 42 (1): 162-179
Between Order and Modernity: Resurgence Planning in Revolutionary Egypt
Selim, G., vol. 42 (1): 180-200
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