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Journal of Victorian Culture

Exhibiting Animals in Nineteenth-Century Britain: Empathy, Education and Entertainment
vol. 20 (2): 258-260
Constructing Scientific Communities: Citizen Science in the Nineteenth and Twenty-First Centuries
vol. 20 (2): 246-254
‘God'll Send the Bill to You’: The Costs of War and the God Who Counts in W. T. Stead's Pro-Boer Peace Campaign
vol. 20 (2): 168-185
Popular Exhibitions, Science and Showmanship, 1840-1910
vol. 20 (2): 261-263
Poetic Podophilia: Gautier, Baudelaire, Swinburne, and Classical Foot-Fetishism
vol. 20 (2): 212-229
Decadent Conservatism: Politics and Aesthetics in The Senate
vol. 20 (2): 186-211
vol. 20 (2): 0-0

Journal of War & Culture Studies

Introduction: Art, War, and Truth – Images of Conflict
Margaret Hutchison, vol. 8 (2): 103-108
Benjamin Duterrau: The Art of Conciliation
Greg Lehman, vol. 8 (2): 109-124
Futurism, Territory and War in the Work of Fortunato Depero
Anthony White, vol. 8 (2): 125-142
Art, War and Truth: Nomonhan 1939
Aya Louisa McDonald, vol. 8 (2): 143-157
The Obscure Dimensions of Conflict: Three Contemporary War Artists Speak
Charles Green, vol. 8 (2): 158-174
‘No Vain Glory:’ Militarism, Diplomacy and Art in the American War Cemeteries in France
Kate C. Lemay, vol. 8 (2): 175-196
In Search of Carnivalesque Anomie: The Disavowal of the Liberation in Andreï Makine's The Crime of Olga Arbyelina
Helena Duffy, ONLINE EARLY

Labor History

A supranational regime that nationalizes social conflict: Explaining European trade unions' difficulties in politicizing European economic governance
Holding the shop together: German industrial relations in the postwar era
Working class formation in Taiwan: fractured solidarity in state-owned enterprises, 1945–2012
Working in the Big Easy: the history and politics of labor in New Orleans
Wild socialism – workers councils in revolutionary Berlin, 1918–1921
European unions and the repoliticization of transnational capital: labor's stance regarding the Financial Transaction Tax (FTT), the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), and the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA)
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