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Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television

German Television: Historical and Theoretical Perspectives
vol. 37 (3): 581-583
Off to the Pictures: Cinema-going, Women’s Writing and Movie Culture in Interwar Britain
vol. 37 (3): 577-579
The omnibus film as message picture: cold war politics and the myth of national unity in It’s a Big Country (1951)
vol. 37 (3): 499-516
Whatever happened to the British ‘B’ movie? Micro-budget film-making and the death of the one-hour supporting feature in the early 1960s
vol. 37 (3): 559-576
‘They’ll Be Dancing in the Aisles!’: Youth audiences, cinema exhibition and the mid-1930s swing boom
vol. 37 (3): 455-474
Toi, c’est moi (1936) and Prends la route (1937): mobilising desire in the operetta films of Jacques Pills and André Tabet
vol. 37 (3): 436-454
‘The Hideous Difficulty of Recreating Nazism at War’: escaping from Europe in The Wooden Horse (1950) and the British Prisoner of War Film
vol. 37 (3): 539-558
Industrial organization of film exhibitors in the Low Countries: comparing the Netherlands and Belgium, 1945–1960
vol. 37 (3): 475-498
Creating an anti-communist motion picture producers’ network in Asia: the Asia Foundation, Asia Pictures, and the Korean Motion Picture Cultural Association
vol. 37 (3): 517-538
Epicentre of an Earthquake: The Literary Sources of Full Metal Jacket (1987)
vol. 37 (3): 396-415
What was HAL? IBM, Jewishness and Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)
vol. 37 (3): 416-435
Stanley Kubrick: Known and Unknown
vol. 37 (3): 373-395
Julien Duvivier
vol. 37 (3): 583-585
The History of Genocide in Cinema: Atrocities on Screen
vol. 37 (3): 589-591
Gebannte Bewegung: Tableaux vivants und früher Film in der Kultur der Moderne
vol. 37 (3): 591-593
Sergei M. Eisenstein: Notes for a General History of Cinema
vol. 37 (3): 585-587
A Companion to the War Film
vol. 37 (3): 587-589
The Stanley Kubrick Archive: A Dossier of New Research
vol. 37 (3): 367-372
Hollywood’s Muddle East: political change in Egypt and Israel and the consequences for Hollywood’s Middle Eastern Movie Theaters
vol. 37 (2): 272-294
(Un)Familiar spaces of television production: the BBC’s visit to the Soviet Union in 1956
vol. 37 (2): 315-332
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