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Journal of Medieval History

Saints, rulers and communities in Southern Italy: the Vitae of the Italo-Greek saints (tenth to eleventh centuries) and their audiences
vol. 42 (4): 429-455
The Norman Conquest of the classical past: William of Poitiers, language and history
vol. 42 (4): 456-478
‘Those same cursed Saracens’: Charlemagne's campaigns in the Iberian Peninsula as religious warfare
vol. 42 (4): 405-428
The royal entries of Henry VI in a London civic manuscript
vol. 42 (4): 479-493
Community regulation and its effects: the aggressive actions of parishioners against priests and women in Paris, 1483–1505
vol. 42 (4): 494-510
Recovering the histories of women religious in England in the central Middle Ages: Wilton Abbey and Goscelin of Saint-Bertin
vol. 42 (3): 285-303
Civic religion in late medieval Europe
vol. 42 (3): 338-356
Ruling from afar: government and information management in late medieval Sicily
vol. 42 (3): 357-381
Aristocratic patronage, political networking and the shaping of a private sanctuary: Countess Clemence of Flanders and the early years of Bourbourg Abbey (c.1103–21)
vol. 42 (3): 317-337
Lancastrian rule and the resources of the prince of Wales, 1456–61
vol. 42 (3): 382-404

Journal of Medieval Iberian Studies

Singing with light: an interdisciplinary study on the medieval Ajuda Songbook
vol. 8 (2): 283-312
Gilding in Spanish panel painting from the fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries
vol. 8 (2): 313-343
Recipes and experimentation? The transmission of glassmaking techniques in Medieval Iberia
vol. 8 (2): 176-195
Beatus manuscripts under the microscope: the Alcobaça Beatus and the Iberian Cistercian tradition revisited
vol. 8 (2): 217-251
Through the eyes of science and art: a fourteenth-century winter breviary from Alcobaça scriptorium
vol. 8 (2): 252-282
Looking ahead: new approaches to medieval Iberian heritage
vol. 8 (2): 131-147
The Cistercian glazed tiles of the Monastery of Alcobaça: characterization of the colour palette
vol. 8 (2): 196-216
First archaeometric study on medieval glass found in Beja (Southern Portugal)
vol. 8 (2): 148-175
The Alijares Palace (Qaṣr al-Dishār) at the Alhambra: a bioclimatic analysis
Enigma of the De Expugnatione Lyxbonensi
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