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Journal of Victorian Culture

Suburban Identity in Paul Maitland's Paintings of Cheyne Walk
vol. 19 (1): 43-62
Rethinking ‘Global Dickens’: The Case of the Cross-Cultural Transfer of David Copperfield
vol. 19 (1): 63-78
The Jim Crow Craze in London's Press and Streets, 1836–39
vol. 19 (1): 93-109
How the Victorians Un-Invented Themselves: Architecture, the Battle of the Styles, and the History of the Term Victorian
vol. 19 (1): 1-23
Notes on Contributors
vol. 19 (1): 134-135

Labor History

Reforming and restructuring the Australian workplace: a study of the Williamstown Naval Dockyard 1983–1993
vol. 55 (3): 251-270
A critique of East Indian indentured historiography in the Caribbean
vol. 55 (3): 389-401
Trade unions and ‘responsible participation’: Dahomey, 1958–1975
vol. 55 (3): 346-364
Historicizing labor cinema: recovering class and lost work on screen
vol. 55 (3): 309-325
Solidarity means inclusion: race, class, and ethnicity within Tampa's transnational Cigar Workers' Union
vol. 55 (3): 271-293
The politics of managerial reform in UK local government: a study of control, conflict and resistance 1880s to present
vol. 55 (3): 365-388
Colonial ideology versus labour reality: a history of the recruitment of Italian workers to the colony of Eritrea, 1890s–1940s
vol. 55 (3): 294-308
Between Denmark and Detroit: unionized labour at Ford Motor Company, Copenhagen, 1919–1939
vol. 55 (3): 326-345

National Identities

Nations, national identity and prestige
vol. 16 (2): 99-115
Scottish diasporic identities in the Netherlands
vol. 16 (2): 139-155
Peace, love, depoliticisation and the domestic alien: national identity in the memorial messages collected after the terror attacks in Norway 22 July 2011
vol. 16 (2): 157-176
Nationalism and the moral psychology of community
vol. 16 (2): 177-179
Beacon for change. How the 1951 Festival of Britain shaped the modern age/The Lion and the Unicorn: symbolic architecture for the Festival of Britain 1951
vol. National Identities, Ahead of Print.
(National Identities, Ahead of Print.
): 0-0
From displaying to becoming national heritage: the case of the Pousadas de Portugal
vol. National Identities, Ahead of Print.
(National Identities, Ahead of Print.
): 0-0
From barbarian other to chosen people: the etymology, ideology and evolution of ‘nation’ at the shifting edge of medieval Western Christendom
vol. National Identities, Ahead of Print.
(National Identities, Ahead of Print.
): 0-0
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