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Gender and History

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Heritage & Society

From the Editors
Elizabeth S. Chilton, vol. 8 (1): 1-2
Heritage and the Right to the City: When Securing the Past Creates Insecurity in the Present
Michael Herzfeld, vol. 8 (1): 3-23
Beyond “Natural” and “Cultural” Heritage: Toward an Ontological Politics of Heritage in the Age of Anthropocene
Rodney Harrison, vol. 8 (1): 24-42
Ontological Security in a Post-Crash World—A Tale of Two Yorkshire Cities
Jane Grenville, vol. 8 (1): 43-59
Crafting the Past: Mission Models and the Curation of California Heritage
Elizabeth Kryder-Reid, vol. 8 (1): 60-83
Book Reviews
Ethan Carr, vol. 8 (1): 84-94
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