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Journal of Medieval Iberian Studies

Penal cloistering in Spain in the sixth and seventh centuries
vol. 9 (1): 1-24
Contextos de autoexpresión: voces andalusíes en el exilio de la convención
vol. 9 (1): 130-147
The cruces gemmatae of Oviedo between the eleventh and twelfth centuries
vol. 9 (1): 52-71
Enigma of the De Expugnatione Lyxbonensi
vol. 9 (1): 99-129
Singing with light: an interdisciplinary study on the medieval Ajuda Songbook
vol. 8 (2): 283-312
Gilding in Spanish panel painting from the fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries
vol. 8 (2): 313-343
Recipes and experimentation? The transmission of glassmaking techniques in Medieval Iberia
vol. 8 (2): 176-195
Beatus manuscripts under the microscope: the Alcobaça Beatus and the Iberian Cistercian tradition revisited
vol. 8 (2): 217-251
Through the eyes of science and art: a fourteenth-century winter breviary from Alcobaça scriptorium
vol. 8 (2): 252-282
Looking ahead: new approaches to medieval Iberian heritage
vol. 8 (2): 131-147
The Cistercian glazed tiles of the Monastery of Alcobaça: characterization of the colour palette
vol. 8 (2): 196-216
First archaeometric study on medieval glass found in Beja (Southern Portugal)
vol. 8 (2): 148-175
The Alijares Palace (Qaṣr al-Dishār) at the Alhambra: a bioclimatic analysis
Rumor and noise: notes for a political soundscape in mester de clerecía
Staging martyrdom in the trial of El Niño de La Guardia
Political manipulation in the 1385 change of dynasties in Portugal: an Iberian detail named Blanca
The first Ladino travelogue: Moses Almosnino’s treatise on the extremes of Constantinople

Journal of Modern Chinese History

“Our Girls Have Grown Up in the Family”: educating German and Chinese girls in the nineteenth century
vol. 10 (1): 1-18
Christian colleges amid political changes: The University of Nanking’s reorganization and registration (1927-1928)
vol. 10 (1): 19-34
From scholar to bureaucrat: the political choice of the historical geographer Zhang Qiyun
vol. 10 (1): 35-51
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