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Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences

Pieter Van Foreest: The Physician as Writer on Surgery
“Ex Museolo Nostro Machaonico”: Collecting, Publishing, and Visualization in Fabricius Hildanus 1
Renaissance Surgery Between Learning and Craft

Journal of Tourism History

Fountains of youth: medical tourism in Green Cove Springs, Florida, 1845–1900
Heather Hause, vol. 8 (3): 239-259
Using history for tourism or using tourism for history? Examples from Aotearoa/New Zealand
Hamish Bremner, vol. 8 (3): 260-274
Institutionalisation of tourism research and education: from the early 1900s to 2000s
Metin Kozak, vol. 8 (3): 275-299
MUVITUR® (virtual museum of tourism): a new approach to tourism history
Maria José Aurindo, vol. 8 (3): 300-309
Mineral springs resorts in global perspectives: spa histories
Thomas A. Chambers, vol. 8 (3): 321-323
Apostles of the Alps: mountaineering and nation building in Germany and Austria, 1860–1939
Bernard Debarbieux, vol. 8 (3): 323-325
Royal tourists, colonial subjects and the making of a British world, 1860–1911
Philip E. Long, vol. 8 (3): 319-321
Mythic frontiers: remembering, forgetting, and profiting with cultural heritage tourism
Susan Nance, vol. 8 (3): 317-319
Touring the West with Leaping Lena, 1925
Lorne Platt, vol. 8 (3): 315-317
Tales from the haunted South: dark tourism and memories of slavery from the civil war era
Tony Seaton, vol. 8 (3): 310-313
The Travelers’ Charleston: Accounts of Charleston and Lowcountry, South Carolina, 1666–1861
Stephanie E. Yuhl, vol. 8 (3): 313-315
Romance with the periphery: Chinese travel writing about the ‘frontier’ during the Nanjing Decade (1927–1937)
Zhihong Chen, vol. 8 (3): 215-238
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vol. 8 (3): 0-0

Journal of Victorian Culture

‘Impressions of Weird Fate’: Revision and Crisis in ‘The Lady of Shalott’
vol. 22 (2): 183-203
The Darwinian Subject in Sculpture: George Frampton’s Peter Pan
vol. 22 (2): 143-165
Sex, Fashion, Work: James Joyce and the Late-Victorian Actress
vol. 22 (2): 166-182
The Representation of Joe Whelks: Charles Dickens’s Reflections on a Theatre Audience
vol. 22 (2): 204-221
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