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Jewish Culture and History

The difficulties of creating a Holocaust archive: Yad Vashem and Israel Kastner 1947–1948
Boaz Cohen, vol. 15 (3): 173-187
Exposing pathology, playing God: parsing psychosocial discourse in ‘The Last Commander’ by A.B. Yehoshua
Nathan P. Devir, vol. 15 (3): 188-211
Homecoming as a dead end: place and displacement in the new Israeli documentary film
Ofer Ashkenazi, vol. 15 (3): 212-233
Conversational style and gesture: exploring the role of communication in shaping, maintaining and reinforcing American Jewish identity
William Chivers, vol. 15 (3): 234-258
The rediscovery of Jewish Ireland
Guy Beiner, vol. 15 (3): 259-262
Sport and British Jewry: integration, ethnicity and anti-Semitism, 1890–1970
Anne Holdorph, vol. 15 (3): 263-265
Contemplative nation: a philosophical account of Jewish theological language
Alana M. Vincent, vol. 15 (3): 265-267
Up, up, and oy vey! How Jewish history, culture and values shaped the comic book superhero
Nathan Abrams, vol. 15 (3): 267-269
‘The Jew’ in late-Victorian and Edwardian culture: between the East End and East Africa
Hannah Ewence, vol. 15 (3): 269-271
American naturalism and the Jews: Garland, Norris, Dreiser, Wharton, and Cather
Meredith Goldsmith, vol. 15 (3): 271-273
Jews, race and popular music
Keith Kahn-Harris, vol. 15 (3): 273-276
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vol. 15 (3): 0-0
British Chief Rabbis, 1664–2006
A war of words: Sephardi merchants, (inter)national incidents, and litigation in the Dutch Republic, 1580–1640
Cátia Antunes, ONLINE EARLY
Jewish resistance in wartime Greece
Theodore W. Eversole, ONLINE EARLY
Orthodox Judaism in Britain since 1913: an ideology forsaken
At the edges of liberalism. Junctions of European, German, and Jewish history
Leena Petersen, ONLINE EARLY
The temple of Jerusalem: past, present, and future
Ralph Hartsock, ONLINE EARLY
Escape from hell: the true story of the Auschwitz protocol
Laura J. Hilton, ONLINE EARLY
Jewish immigrants and American capitalism, 1880–1920: from caste to class
Tobias Brinkmann, ONLINE EARLY
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