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Journal of Modern Chinese History

The memoirs of Yan Mingfu, by YAN Mingfu, Beijing, People’s Publishing House, 2015, 1116 pp., ISBN 978-7-01-014935-6
vol. 10 (1): 130-132

Journal of Religious History

Signs of Spiritual Crisis or Evidence of Unexpected Commitment? Attitudes to Compulsory Church Parades in the First AIF
Daniel Reynaud, ONLINE EARLY
Cluniac Customs Beyond Cluny: Patterns of Use in the Southern Low Countries
J. Diehl, S. Vanderputten, ONLINE EARLY
High Medieval Monasteries as Communities of Practice: Approaching Monastic Learning Through Letters
Pioneering Leadership: Historical Myth-Making, Absence, and Identity in the Churches of Christ in Victoria
Kerrie Handasyde, ONLINE EARLY
“Soldiers of Christ” from the Byzantine Perspective: Monks, Emperors, and Conflict in the Early Byzantine Empire
Walter Roberts, ONLINE EARLY
Anchoring Pontifical Authority: A Reconsideration of the Papal Employment of the Title Pontifex Maximus
Roald Dijkstra, Dorine Van Espelo, ONLINE EARLY
Indian Messiah: The Attraction of Meher Baba to British Audiences in the 1930s
Sumita Mukherjee, ONLINE EARLY
The Latest Instalment in the Whig Interpretation of Australian Education History: Catherine Byrne's JORH Article “Free, Compulsory and (not) Secular”
David Hastie, ONLINE EARLY
Land, Labour and Ambivalence: Lutheran Missionaries Managing Land Disputes at Cape Bedford Mission
Kirstie Close-Barry, ONLINE EARLY
Duelling Ecclesiologies: 1640s Religious Independency in Katherine Chidley's Separatism vs. Thomas Edwards's Presbyterianism
Peter Elliott, ONLINE EARLY
Long-Distance Pilgrimage and the Counter Reformation in France: Sacred Journeys to the Mont Saint-Michel 1520 to 1750
Elizabeth Tingle, ONLINE EARLY
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