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Journal of Victorian Culture

Christina Rossetti and the Bible: Waiting with the Saints/Christina Rossetti’s Gothic
vol. 20 (4): 563-567
Editorial Board
vol. 20 (4): 0-0
The Age of Asa: Lord Briggs, Public Life and History in Britain since 1945
The Poetry and the Politics: Radical Reform in Victorian England
Pre-Raphaelite Masculinities: Constructions of Masculinity in Art and Literature

Journal of War & Culture Studies

Love and Limblessness: Male Heterosexuality, Disability, and the Great War
Joanna Bourke, ONLINE EARLY
‘Productive Myopia’: Seeing Past History's Spectacle of Accuracy in Joe Sacco's Footnotes in Gaza
Jeanne-Marie Viljoen, ONLINE EARLY
Voices of Occupiers/Liberators: The BBC's Radio Propaganda in Italy between 1942 and 1945
Ester Lo Biundo, ONLINE EARLY
A Lion for Flanders: Literature, Propaganda, and Flemish Nationalism
Karen Shelby, ONLINE EARLY
Conflicting Narratives of Obligation: Conscientious Objectors and Deserters in Canadian Great War Fiction
Anna Branach-Kallas, ONLINE EARLY
Preventing ‘A Virological Hiroshima’: Cold War Press Coverage of Biological Weapons Disarmament
Brian Balmer, ONLINE EARLY
Introduction: Effects and Affects of Conflict in the Heat of Battle and the Cold War of Words
The Memory of St Julien: Configuring Gas Warfare in Mary Riter Hamilton's Battlefield Art
Irene Gammel, ONLINE EARLY


Early and Middle Archaic Foragers in the Sonoran Desert: Investigations at the Ruelas Ridge Site
Barbara J. Roth, vol. 80 (2): 115-136
The Scars that Never Heal: Identifying Projectile Point Manufacturing Techniques from Flake Scars: A Case from Cedar Mesa, Utah
Jesse Morin, vol. 80 (2): 137-167
The Selene Obsidian Source (Formerly Sonora Unknown B) of the Upper Río Bavispe Basin, Sonora, Mexico
Karl W. Kibler, vol. 80 (2): 168-192
Hunter-gatherer Igneous Toolstone Procurement in Northern Arizona: A Geochemical Study of Projectile Points and Raw Material Sources
Theodore M. Roberts, vol. 80 (2): 193-212
McPherson Takes a Serious Look at the Oral Traditions of the Southwestern United States
Malcolm Benally, vol. 80 (2): 213-219

Labor History

Scabbing the Palouse: agricultural labor replacement and union busting in southeast Washington, 1917–1919
vol. 56 (4): 521-540
Industrial requiem: management, labor, and investment at the Lowell Machine Shop
vol. 56 (4): 407-422
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