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History Workshop Journal

The Country of the Fathers
Out of Step
Gender in the Public Workplace
Jutta Schwarzkopf, 1953–2016

Innes Review

Front matter
vol. 68 (1): -
Adomnán, two saints, and the paschal controversy
Gilbert Márkus, vol. 68 (1): 1-18
Pittenweem Priory and the conventuality question
Anthony Lodge, vol. 68 (1): 19-37
Elizabeth Melville, Lady Culross: new light from Fife
Jamie Reid Baxter, vol. 68 (1): 38-77
Robert Henryson's Moral Fabillis: ‘Exempill and similitude’, the animal as true Sign, and an argument from design
David Moses, vol. 68 (1): 78-87
Scalan destroyed: a Hanoverian perspective
Alasdair Roberts, vol. 68 (1): 88-98
Michael Penman, Robert the Bruce: King of the Scots
Christine McGladdery, vol. 68 (1): 99-101
Bannockburn 1314–2014: Battle and Legacy. Proceedings of the 2014 Stirling Conference, ed. Michael Penman
Michael Prestwich, vol. 68 (1): 101-104
In Dialogue with the Agallamh. Essays in Honour of Seán Ó Coileáin, ed. Aidan Doyle and Kevin Murray
Deborah Hayden, vol. 68 (1): 104-106
Christianities in the Early Modern Celtic World, ed. Tadhg Ó hAnnracháin and Robert Armstrong
Russell Newton, vol. 68 (1): 106-108
Andrew Melville (1545–1622): Writings, Reception, and Reputation, ed. Roger A. Mason and Steven J. Reid
Martin Ritchie, vol. 68 (1): 108-111
Alasdair A. MacDonald, The Gude and Godlie Ballatis
Elaine Moohan, vol. 68 (1): 111-112
Alastair J. Mann, James VII: Duke and King of Scots, 1633–1701
Ben Rogers, vol. 68 (1): 113-115
Back matter
vol. 68 (1): -

Intellectual History Review

British philosophy in the seventeenth century, by Sarah Hutton
vol. 27 (4): 564-566
What is populism?, by Jan-Werner Müller
vol. 27 (4): 562-564
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