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French History

Robespierre; la fabrication dun monstre
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Missionnaires de la Republique. Les Representants du peuple en mission (1793-1795)
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Non-Violence and the French Revolution: Political Demonstrations in Paris, 1787-1795
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Cartophilia. Maps and the Search for Identity in the French-German Borderland
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Une histoire sociale de la reforme electorale sous la Troisieme Republique. Mobilisations politiques et expertise electorale: la question de la 'representation proportionnelle
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Jewish Youth and Identity in Postwar France: Rebuilding Family and Nation
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A Divided Republic: Nation, State and Citizenship in Contemporary France
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Operation Freak: Narrative, Identity and the Spectrum of Bodily Abilities in Francophone Literature
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Free Trade and Its Enemies in France, 1814-1851
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Kings of the Air: French Aces and Airmen of the Great War
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France and Fascism: February 1934 and the Dynamics of Political Crisis
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SSFH Society News
vol. 30 (3): 449-457

Gender and History

Issue Information
vol. 28 (3): 559-560
vol. 28 (3): 561-566
The Legacy of the ‘War to End All Wars’
Louise Edwards, Martha Hanna, Patricia M. E. Lorcin, vol. 28 (3): 567-586
A Most Unmanly War: British Military Masculinity in Macedonia, Mesopotamia and Palestine, 1914–18
Justin Fantauzzo, Robert L. Nelson, vol. 28 (3): 587-603
About-Face: Gender, Disfigurement and the Politics of French Reconstruction, 1918–24
Julie M. Powell, vol. 28 (3): 604-622
‘Protection against the Lust of Men’: Progressivism, Prostitution and Rape in the Dominican Republic under US Occupation, 1916–24
Micah Wright, vol. 28 (3): 623-640
Feminism, Pacifism and Political Violence in Europe and China in the Era of the World Wars
Mona L. Siegel, vol. 28 (3): 641-659
Gendered Archetypes of Wartime Occupation: ‘New Women’ in Occupied North China, 1937–40
Jeremy E. Taylor, vol. 28 (3): 660-686
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