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History of European Ideas

Situated Creativity: A Way out of the Impasse of the Heidegger-Cassirer Debate
Heidegger and Cassirer on Science after the Cassirer and Heidegger of Davos
Hans-Jörg Rheinberger, ONLINE EARLY
Life-Philosophical Anthropology as the Missing Third: On Peter Gordon's Continental Divide
Hans-Peter Krüger, ONLINE EARLY
The Relevance of Cassirer and the Rewriting of Intellectual History
Stephan Steiner, ONLINE EARLY
The Cat's Grand Strategy: Pieter de la Court (1618–1685) on Holland and the Challenges and Prospects of Free-Riding Behaviour during the General Crisis of the Seventeenth Century
Paul Schuurman, ONLINE EARLY
Hobbes in Kiel, 1938: From Ferdinand Tönnies to Carl Schmitt
Tomaž Mastnak, ONLINE EARLY
Exercises in Women's Intellectual Sociability in the Eighteenth Century: The Fair Intellectual Club
Derya Gurses Tarbuck, ONLINE EARLY
Contesting Conquests: Nineteenth-Century German and Polish Historiography of the Expansion of the Holy Roman Empire and the Polish-Lithuanian Union
Adam Kożuchowski, ONLINE EARLY
European Contexts for English Republicanism
Matthew Johnson, ONLINE EARLY
Richard Cobden's European Tour: Three Unpublished Essays on Spain, Venice and Russia
Rosario López, ONLINE EARLY
Mixed Constitutionalism and Parliamentarism in Elizabethan England: The Case of Thomas Cartwright
Stephen A. Chavura, ONLINE EARLY
French Eighteenth-Century Materialists and Natural Law
Self-Ownership and Moral Relations to Self in Early Modern Britain
From Natural Law to Natural Rights? Protestant Dissent and Toleration in the Late Eighteenth Century
Martin Hugh Fitzpatrick, ONLINE EARLY
Conservative Revolutionary: Georg Erasmus von Tschernembl and the Ideology of Resistance in Early Modern Austria
Peter Thaler, ONLINE EARLY
Civil Power and the Deconstruction of Scholasticism in the Thought of Marc'antonio de Dominis
Benjamin Slingo, ONLINE EARLY
The Idea of a Category Mistake: From Ryle to Habermas, and Beyond
Luke O'Sullivan, ONLINE EARLY
Reappraising Walter Bagehot's Liberalism: Discussion, Public Opinion, and the Meaning of Parliamentary Government
William Selinger, ONLINE EARLY
Anxiety in Translation: Naming Existentialism before Sartre
Edward Baring, ONLINE EARLY
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