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History of European Ideas

Leviathans Old and New: What Collingwood Saw in Hobbes
Robin Douglass, ONLINE EARLY
The Future of Illusion: Political Theology and Early Modern Texts/Minding the Modern: Human Agency, Intellectual Traditions, and Responsible Knowledge
Daniel Steinmetz-Jenkins, ONLINE EARLY
Reappraising Walter Bagehot's Liberalism: Discussion, Public Opinion, and the Meaning of Parliamentary Government
William Selinger, vol. 41 (2): 264-291
‘Be Not a Copy if Thou Canst Be an Original’: German Philosophy, Republican Pedagogy, Benthamism and Saint-Simonism in the Political Thought of Gioacchino di Prati
Alexander Jordan, vol. 41 (2): 221-240
Liberty Abroad: J. S. Mill on International Relations
Rosario López, vol. 41 (2): 294-299
Sentiment, Sensation and Sensibility: Adam Smith, Pierre Jean Georges Cabanis and Wilhelm von Humboldt
Mariana Saad, vol. 41 (2): 205-220
The Reception of Romanticism in Italy and Spain: Parallels and Contrasts
Brian Hamnett, vol. 41 (2): 176-184
Mouzinho da Silveira and the Political Culture of Portuguese Liberalism, 1820–1832
Nuno Gonçalo Monteiro, vol. 41 (2): 185-193
Minimal State Theories and Democracy in Europe: From the 1880s to Hayek
Roberto Romani, vol. 41 (2): 241-263
Race, Science, and the Nation: Reconstructing the Ancient Past in Britain, France and Germany
Simon J. Cook, vol. 41 (2): 292-294
Introduction: Liberalism in the Early Nineteenth-century Iberian World
Gabriel Paquette, vol. 41 (2): 153-165
A Distorting Mirror: The Sixteenth Century in the Historical Imagination of the First Hispanic Liberals
Javier Fernández Sebastián, vol. 41 (2): 166-175
‘A Great People Struggling for Their Liberties’: Spain and the Mediterranean in the Eyes of the Benthamites
Gregorio Alonso, vol. 41 (2): 194-204
Knud Haakonssen, vol. 41 (1): 1-1
Ancient and Non-Western International Thought
Antony Black, vol. 41 (1): 2-12
Thomas Hobbes as a Theorist of Anarchy: A Theological Interpretation
William Bain, vol. 41 (1): 13-28
Hobbes's Contribution to International Thought, and the Contribution of International Thought to Hobbes
David Boucher, vol. 41 (1): 29-48
Armitage on Locke on International Theory: The Two Treatises of Government and the Right of Intervention
Paul Kelly, vol. 41 (1): 49-61
Historiographical Foundations of Modern International Thought: Histories of the European States-System from Florence to Göttingen
Richard Devetak, vol. 41 (1): 62-77
Non-Cosmopolitan Universalism: On Armitage's Foundations of International Political Thought
Duncan Ivison, vol. 41 (1): 78-88
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