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Journal of the History of Collections

'Boxall is interested only in the Great Masters . . . Well, well see about that!: William Boxall, Federico Sacchi and Cremonese art at the National Gallery
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Museum-building in nineteenth-century Algeria: Colonial narratives in French collections of classical antiquities
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Changes in the Japanese art market with the emergence of the middle-class collector: A study of Hishida Shunso (1874-1911)
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Magic and memory: Paul Denys Montagues collection from New Caledonia
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Investigating a posthumous portrait of Augustus in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
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More than an expatriate scholar: Frederick Mason Perkins as art adviser, agent and intermediary for American collectors of the twentieth century.
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The power of taste: The dispersal of the Berkeley Smith collection of Chinese ceramics at Cheltenham Art Gallery & Museum (1921-1960)
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Un museo di antichita nella Padova del cinquecento. La raccolta di Marco Mantova Benavides allUniversita di Padova
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The Power of Gifts. Gift-Exchange in Early Modern England
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Bryan Faussett: Antiquary Extraordinary
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The Cobbe Cabinet of Curiosities: An Anglo-Irish Country House Museum
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The Duchesss Shells. Natural History Collecting in the Age of Cooks Voyages
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Men of Taste. Essays on Art Collecting in East-Central Europe
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The Pitt Rivers Museum. A World Within
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British Models of Art Collecting and the American Response. Reflections Across the Pond
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Books Received
vol. 28 (2): 357-357

Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences

"One and the Same the World Over": The International Culture of Surgical Exchange in an Age of Globalization, 1870-1914
Schlich, T., vol. 71 (3): 247-270
The Microscope against Cell Theory: Cancer Research in Nineteenth-Century Parisian Anatomical Pathology
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Blood Trials: Transfusions, Injections, and Experiments in Africa, 1890-1920
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A Disorder of Qi: Breathing Exercise as a Cure for Neurasthenia in Japan, 1900-1945
Wu, Y.-C., vol. 71 (3): 322-344
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