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Art History

Eyeing Up
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Siberian Ornaments, German Scholars, and a Transitional Moment in the Anthropology of Art, c. 1900
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Paper Stars
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Artworks at the Hyphen
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Divine Revivals: G. F. Bodley's Victorian Medievalism
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Cézanne pour moi
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A Study of Black British Art
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Outside-In: Art History Divided
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Francis Bacon's Dominant Figure: Recent Theoretical and Archival Grapples
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Abstracts & Authors’ Biographies
vol. 38 (2): 246-249
Scale to Size: An Introduction
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Scale and Pictoriality in Ancient Egyptian Painting and Sculpture
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The Invisible Miniature: Framing the Soul in Chinese Art and Architecture
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The Monumental Miniature: Liquid Architecture in the Kilgas of Cairo
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‘Freedom I do reveal to you’: Scale, Microarchitecture, and the Rise of the Turriform Civic Monument in Fourteenth-Century Northern Europe
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Measuring the Bones: On Francesco di Giorgio Martini's Saluzzianus Skeleton
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The Measure of the World: Scenes from a Journey to Kaesŏng
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Photography and Scale: Projection, Exhibition, Collection
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Tintoretto's Time
Kamini Vellodi, ONLINE EARLY
Visuality, Morality, and Same-Sex Desire: The Infants Christ and Saint John the Baptist in Early Netherlandish Art
Andrea Pearson, ONLINE EARLY
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