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Art History

A Metaphysical Journey
Willard Bohn, vol. 39 (3): 616-619
Working It Out
Kamini Vellodi, vol. 39 (3): 619-622
Living Pluralism: Lawrence Alloway as Critic, Curator and Teacher
Rachel Stratton, vol. 39 (3): 622-627
Same Old Marxist Art History
James Day, vol. 39 (3): 627-631

Australian Economic History Review

The Evolution of an Intellectual Community Through the Words of Its Founders: Recollections of Australia's Economic History Field
Claire Wright, Simon Ville, ONLINE EARLY
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Martin Shanahan, ONLINE EARLY
European Integration and Australian Manufacturing Industry: The Case of Philips Electronics, 1960s–1970s
The First 100 Years of Tariffs in Australia: the Colonies
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Issue Information
vol. 56 (2): 113-113
Aspects of Productivity
Martin Shanahan, Rajabrata Banerjee, vol. 56 (2): 115-124
The Contribution of Wheat to Australian Agriculture from 1861 to 1939
Rajabrata Banerjee, Martin Shanahan, vol. 56 (2): 125-150
The Geography of Inventiveness in the Primary Sector: Some Initial Results for New Zealand, 1880–1895
Rebecca Williams, Les Oxley, vol. 56 (2): 151-173
A tale of two SICs: Japanese and American industrialisation in historical perspective
John P. Tang, vol. 56 (2): 174-197
A Tale of Two Tails: Establishment Size and Labour Productivity in United States and German Manufacturing at the Start of the Twentieth Century
Joost Veenstra, Herman Jong, vol. 56 (2): 198-220
Uniform Service, Uniform Productivity? Regional Efficiency of the Imperial German Postal, Telegraph, and Telephone Service
Florian Ploeckl, vol. 56 (2): 221-243

Australian Historical Studies

New Directions in Australian History
vol. 47 (2): 189-190
Enshrined in Law: Legislative Justifications for the Removal of Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Children in Colonial and Post-Colonial Australia
vol. 47 (2): 191-208
Proximate Strangers and Familiar Antagonists: Violence on an Intimate Frontier
vol. 47 (2): 209-224
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