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Archives of Natural History

ARCHIBALD, J. David. Aristotle's ladder, Darwin's tree. The evolution of visual metaphors for biological order. Columbia University Press, New York: 2014. Pp xii, 242; illustrated. Price US$ 60, £ 41.50 (hardback). ISBN 9780231164122.
vol. 42 (2): 378-379
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vol. 42 (2): 379-380
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vol. 42 (2): 380-380
INDEXES to Archives of natural history 42 (2015)
vol. 42 (2): 381-384

Art History

Abbott Thayer and the Invention of Camouflage
Dogs and Dogma: Perception and Revelation in Rembrandt's Presentation in the Temple, c. 1640
Elizabeth Sutton, ONLINE EARLY
Disaster in Paris: Andy Warhol and the French Automotive Imaginary, c. 1964
Liam Considine, ONLINE EARLY
Jimmie Durham's Building a Nation and the Ruins of American Exceptionalism
The Attraction of the American Author's House: Architecture, Guidebooks, and Display, 1853–1904
A Calendar of Happenings: Allan Kaprow, Counter-Chronologies and Cataloguing Performance, c. 1970
Catherine Spencer, ONLINE EARLY
On the Uses of Origins for Futurism
Rosalind McKever, ONLINE EARLY
Abstracts & Authors’ Biographies
vol. 39 (2): 192-197
After Prometheus: Art and Technology in Early Modern Europe
Genevieve Warwick, Richard Taws, vol. 39 (2): 198-209
Historians in the Laboratory: Reconstruction of Renaissance Art and Technology in the Making and Knowing Project
Pamela H. Smith, , vol. 39 (2): 210-233
Works in Progress: Painting and Modelling in Seventeenth-Century Holland
Jan Blanc, vol. 39 (2): 234-253
Looking in the Mirror of Renaissance Art
Genevieve Warwick, vol. 39 (2): 254-281
Squaring the Circle: The Telescopic View in Early Modern Landscapes
Amy Knight Powell, vol. 39 (2): 282-301
After Galileo: The Image of Science in Niccolò Tornioli's Astronomers
Giulia Martina Weston, vol. 39 (2): 302-317
The Monument to Louis XIV at the Place Vendôme (1699) as a Technical Achievement: A Question of Interest
Etienne Jollet, vol. 39 (2): 318-339
A Clock Picture as a Philosophical Experiment: The Tableau Mécanique in the Physics Cabinet of Bonnier de la Mosson
Hanneke Grootenboer, vol. 39 (2): 340-355
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