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Past and Present

Disability and Civil Courage under State Socialism: the Scandal over the Hungarian Guide-Dog School
Baar, M., vol. 227 (1): 179-203
Mandatory Interpretation: Legal Hermeneutics and the New International Order in Arab and Jewish Petitions to the League of Nations
Wheatley, N., vol. 227 (1): 205-248
Wealth and Inequality: Thomas Piketty's Capital in the Twenty-First Century
Tribe, K., vol. 227 (1): 249-263

Plains Anthropologist

Editor's Corner
Marcel Kornfeld, vol. 60 (234): 95-97
Picturing the people: Kiowa, Comanche, and Plains Apache postcards
Michelle Stokely, vol. 60 (234): 99-123
Creating a spatial dialogue: A'kee Piskun and attachment to place on the Northwestern Plains
Lindsay M. Amundsen-Meyer, vol. 60 (234): 124-149
Multi-component Paleoindian surface sites in the Great Divide Basin of Wyoming
George C. Frison, vol. 60 (234): 172-192
The Folsom–Midland component of the Gault site, central Texas: Context, technology, and typology
Robert Lassen, vol. 60 (234): 150-171
Book Review
Sebastian Braun, vol. 60 (234): 193-195

Psychoanalysis and History

vol. 17 (1): 1-5
In ‘The Dark Regions of the Mind’ A Reading for the Indecent Assault in Ernest Jones's 1908 Dismissal from the West End Hospital for Nervous Diseases
vol. 17 (1): 7-57
Eugenia Sokolnicka – A Contribution to the History of Psychoanalysis in Poland and France
vol. 17 (1): 59-86
Sartre and Lacan: Considerations on the Concepts of the Subject and of Consciousness
vol. 17 (1): 87-105
Adam Phillips and the Making of a Psychoanalyst
vol. 17 (1): 107-119
Sigmund Freud/Martha Bernays: Die Brautbriefe, Band 2. ‘Unser “Roman in Fortsetzungen”’ edited by Gerhard Fichtner, Ilse Grubrich-Simitis and Albrecht Hirschmüller in collaboration with Wolfgang Kloft; (Frankfurt a. Main: Fischer, 2013, 613 pp.); reviewed
vol. 17 (1): 121-131
The Fantasy of Feminist History, by Joan Wallach Scott (Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 2011; 200pp); reviewed by Sally Alexander
vol. 17 (1): 132-138
vol. 17 (1): 139-140


Hannibal Hamlin, vol. 20 (1): 1-1
The newe Testament, Worms 1526: William Tyndale and his Printer Peter Schöffer the Younger Revisited
Busso Diekamp, vol. 20 (1): 3-25
Roger Ascham's Defence of the Lord's Supper
Lucy R. Nicholas, vol. 20 (1): 26-61
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