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Journal of Urban History

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Journal of Victorian Culture

Portraits of the Artist as Politician, the Politician as Artist: Commemorating the Disraeli Phenomenon
vol. 21 (3): 281-300
Landscape and Identity in Australian Melodrama
vol. 21 (3): 363-386
English Fiction and the Evolution of Language, 1850–1914
vol. 21 (3): 405-408
Convict Voices: Women, Class, and Writing about Prison in Nineteenth-Century England
vol. 21 (3): 411-414
Dickens, Reynolds, and Mayhew on Wellington Street: The Print Culture of a Victorian Street
vol. 21 (3): 408-411
The Stereoscope and Popular Fiction: Imagination and Narrative in the Victorian Home
vol. 21 (3): 346-362
‘Rot the Genuine’: Moral Responsibility and Far from the Madding Crowd’s Cancelled Fragment
vol. 21 (3): 387-404
‘The Stupidest Tea-Party in All My Life’: Lewis Carroll and Victorian Psychiatric Practice
Behind You!
What the Victorians Read, How to Find Out, and Why it Matters
Perspective: Digitizing the Diary – Experiments in Queer Encoding (A Retrospective and a Prospective)
Strange Modernity?
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