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Parliaments, Estates and Representation

Sir James Holt (1922–2014)
vol. 35 (2): 246-248
‘Little tools of state formation’. The admission of nobles to imperial and territorial diets in Early Modern Germany
vol. 35 (2): 186-204
Peasant Petitions: Social Relations and Economic Life on Landed Estates, 1600–1850
vol. 35 (2): 237-238
Parliamentary Discourses across Cultures. Interdisciplinary Approaches
vol. 35 (2): 241-243
Reichsverfassung und ständische Interessen: der Streit um das Verfahren auf dem Deputationstag von 1564. Neue Erkenntnisse aus der Aktenedition
vol. 35 (2): 171-185
Niederlage und Verfassungswandel. Die Idee einer Nationalvertretung in Preußen 1807–15
vol. 35 (2): 221-236
Between Austria and Prussia: clients and Partheyen at the permanent imperial diet, 1745–63
vol. 35 (2): 205-220
Valencian parliamentary assemblies and the voting of servicios to rescue slaves. Duties and tax incomes in the eighteenth century
Sir Edward Coke and the Reformation of the Laws: Religion, Politics and Jurisprudence, 1578–1616
Die Erschaffung der landständischen Verfassung. Kreativität, Heuchelei und Repräsentation in Hessen (1509–1655)
‘As nearly subservient’ as it could be? Vocationalism and senatorial speaking behaviour in the Irish Senate 1938–45

Past and Present

Social Unrest and Ethnic Coexistence in Ptolemaic Egypt and the Seleucid Empire
Fischer-Bovet, C., vol. 229 (1): 3-45
The Power of Music: the Significance of Contrafactum in Execution Ballads
McIlvenna, U., vol. 229 (1): 47-89
Fuel Prices, Regional Diets and Cooking Habits in the English Industrial Revolution (1750-1830)
Zylberberg, D., vol. 229 (1): 91-122
'Holland as a Little England'? British Anti-Slavery Missionaries and Continental Abolitionist Movements in the Mid Nineteenth Century
Janse, M., vol. 229 (1): 123-160
The Thieves of the Cross: Assyrian Charity Collectors and World History, 1860S-1940S
MacDonald, A., vol. 229 (1): 161-200
The Christian Front Against Godlessness: Anti-Secularism and the Demise of the Weimar Republic, 1928-1933
Weir, T. H., vol. 229 (1): 201-238
States of Anxiety: History and Nation in Modern Africa
Reid, R., vol. 229 (1): 239-269
Seeing a Specialist: the Humanities as Academic Disciplines
Collini, S., vol. 229 (1): 271-281

Plains Anthropologist

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