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Historical Research

White water, Red tide: Sino-Russian conflict on the Amur 1917–20
Yuexin Rachel Lin, vol. 90 (247): 76-100
The battle for spaces and places in Russia's civil war: revolutionary tribunals and state power, 1917–22
Matthew Rendle, vol. 90 (247): 101-116
Revolutionary conscience, remorse and resentment: emotions and early Soviet criminal law, 1917–22
Pavel Vasilyev, vol. 90 (247): 117-133
Breaking free from the prison walls: penal reforms and prison life in revolutionary Russia
Aaron B. Retish, vol. 90 (247): 134-150
‘They know not what they do’? Bolshevik understandings of the agency of perpetrators, 1918–30
James Ryan, vol. 90 (247): 151-171
Fighters for Ukrainian independence? Imposture and identity among Ukrainian warlords, 1917–22
Christopher Gilley, vol. 90 (247): 172-190
Revolution in health: nervous weakness and visions of health in revolutionary Russia, c.1900–31
Simon Pawley, vol. 90 (247): 191-209
Ability to bear rights or ability to work? The meaning of rights and equality for the Russian deaf in the revolutionary period
Maria Cristina Galmarini-Kabala, vol. 90 (247): 210-229
Inspiring a ‘fourth revolution’? The modern revolutionary tradition and the problems surrounding the commemoration of 1917 in 2017 in Russia
Matthew Rendle, Anna Lively, vol. 90 (247): 230-249
Bibliography of Secondary Sources
vol. 90 (247): 250-266
Issue Information – TOC
vol. 89 (246): 589-589
The chronology of the de Mortemer family of Wigmore, c.1075–1185, and the consolidation of a Marcher lordship
Ian Mortimer, vol. 89 (246): 613-635
‘Per peli e per segni’. Muster rolls, lists and notes: practical military records relating to the last Florentine ordinanze and militia, from Machiavelli to the fall of the Republic (1506–30)
Andrea Guidi, vol. 89 (246): 673-686
Penitence, preachers and politics 1533–47: Thomas Cranmer's influence on church teaching on penance during the Henrician Reformation
Eric Bramhall, vol. 89 (246): 687-707
Lord Kames's analysis of the natural origins of religion: the Essays on the Principles of Morality and Natural Religion (1751)
R. J. W. Mills, vol. 89 (246): 751-775
A man called Mahaffy: an Irish cosmopolitan confronts crisis, 1899–1919
Tomás Irish, vol. 89 (246): 846-865
Ambition, anxiety and aspiration: the use and abuse of Cambridge University's ten-year divinity statute
Sara Slinn, vol. 89 (246): 0-0
Passages from India: Indian anti-colonial activism in exile, 1905–20
Zaib un Nisa Aziz, vol. 89 (246): 0-0
The public rivalry between regulated and joint stock corporations and the development of seventeenth-century corporate constitutions
William A. Pettigrew, Tristan Stein, vol. 89 (246): 0-0
Issue Information – TOC
vol. 89 (245): 397-397
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