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Renaissance Studies

John Aubrey, Brief Lives with An Apparatus for the Lives of our English Mathematical Writers, 2 vols., ed. by Kate Bennett. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2015. clviii + 1776 pp. £250.00. ISBN: 978-0199689521 (hb).
Andrew Hadfield, ONLINE EARLY
Elegy, prophecy, and politics: literary responses to the death of Prince Henry Stuart, 1612–1614
Adrian Streete, ONLINE EARLY
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Jane Partner, ONLINE EARLY
Opus musivum, opus variegatum: the mosaic form in early modern culture
Stuart Farley, ONLINE EARLY
Books Received
vol. 29 (5): 781-784
Giovanna d'Austria and the art of appearances: textiles and dress at the Florentine court
Sarah Bercusson, ONLINE EARLY
Being human in early Virginia
Kevin de Ornellas, The Horse in Early Modern English Culture. Bridled, Curbed, and Tamed. Madison-Teaneck: Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, 2014. 209 pp. £44.95. ISBN: 978-1611476583 (hb.)
Elisabetta Deriu, ONLINE EARLY
The flowers of Italian literature: language, imitation and gender debates in Paolo Giovio's Dialogus de viris et foeminis aetate nostra florentibus
Jessica Goethals, ONLINE EARLY
Sandra Cavallo and Tessa Storey, Healthy Living in Late Renaissance Italy. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2013. xiii + 312 pp. £65.00. ISBN 978-0199678136 (hb).
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Nicolas Moon, ONLINE EARLY
David Loewenstein, Treacherous Faith: The Spectre of Heresy in Early Modern English Literature and Culture. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2013. 512 pp. 17 b & w halftones. £65.00. ISBN 978-0199203390 (hb.)
The laurel and the axe: Petrarchist execution lyrics in late-Renaissance Italy
Virginia Cox, ONLINE EARLY

Rethinking History: The Journal of Theory and Practice

Historical re-enactment: narrativity, affect and the sublime
vol. 19 (4): 583-601
The fabric of reality
vol. 19 (4): 685-693
Hayden White and liberation historiography
vol. 19 (4): 640-650
Truth at 24 frames a second? A working dialogue between a film-maker and a historical consultant about the making of The Enigma of Frank Ryan
vol. 19 (4): 621-639
History set into motion again
vol. 19 (4): 651-667
The way it was?: fashioning history in Diary Film – I was 12 in’56
vol. 19 (4): 668-684
Desire for the past?
vol. 19 (4): 569-582
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