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Historical Research

History and biography
Lawrence Goldman, vol. 89 (245): 399-411
Magna Carta and the honour of Wallingford
Christopher Tilley, vol. 89 (245): 454-469
‘We have to compliment the Aristocracy on the exhibition of their morals': the Ellenborough divorce case (1830) and the politics of scandal in pre-reform London and Vormärz Vienna
War, religion and anti-slavery ideology: Isaac Nelson's radical abolitionist examination of the American civil war
Daniel Ritchie, ONLINE EARLY
Combined operations and British strategy, 1900–9
Shawn Grimes, ONLINE EARLY
British humanitarianism and the Russian famine, 1891–2
Memories of violence and New English identities in early modern Ireland
Joan Redmond, ONLINE EARLY
An inflammatory match? Public anxiety and political assurance at the wedding of William III and Mary II
Catriona Murray, ONLINE EARLY
Magna Carta, canon law and pastoral care: excommunication and the church's publication of the charter
Felicity G. Hill, ONLINE EARLY
‘A mission he bore – to Duke William he came’: Harold Godwineson's Commentum and his covert ambitions
Ad F. J. van Kempen, ONLINE EARLY
The English parishes and knights' fees tax of 1428: a study in fiscal politics and administration
Alex Brayson, ONLINE EARLY


Issue Information - TOC
vol. 101 (348): 655-655
Notes on Contributors
vol. 101 (348): 656-657
Magna Carta in its European Context
SUSAN REYNOLDS, vol. 101 (348): 659-670
The Mediterranean Metaphor in Early Geopolitical Writings
ROLF PETRI, vol. 101 (348): 671-691
Waging War for the Righteous: William Eaton on Enlightenment, Empire, and Coup d'état in the First Barbary War, 1801–1805
C. B. BOW, vol. 101 (348): 692-709
The Rhinoceros and the Chatham Railway: Taxidermy and the Production of Animal Presence in the ‘Great Indoors’
KAREN JONES, vol. 101 (348): 710-735
‘Loyal Believers and Disloyal Sceptics’: Propaganda and Dissent in Britain during the Korean War, 1950–1953
TOM BUCHANAN, vol. 101 (348): 736-755
Must We Divide History into Periods? By Jacques Le Goff. Translated by M. B. DeBevoise. Columbia University Press. 2015. xiv + 160pp. £20.00.
BECKY TAYLOR, vol. 101 (348): 756-757
An Eye for an Eye: A Global History of Crime and Punishment. By Mitchel P. Roth. Reaktion Books. 2014. 342pp. £20.00.
CLIVE EMSLEY, vol. 101 (348): 758-759
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