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Journal of the History of Collections

Books Received
vol. 27 (1): 133-133

Journal of Tourism History

Brass bands, icebergs and jazz: music on passenger shipping 1880–1939
David Cashman, vol. 6 (1): 1-15
Cruise market: a real opportunity for transatlantic shipping lines in the 1960s – the case of the Spanish company Ybarra
Gaetano Cerchiello, vol. 6 (1): 16-37
Picturesque violence: tourism, the film industry, and the heritagization of ‘bandoleros’ in Spain, 1905–1936
Eugenia Afinoguénova, vol. 6 (1): 38-56
The way to a man's heart: how the Soviet travel agency ‘Sputnik’ struggled to feed Western tourists
Andrei Kozovoi, vol. 6 (1): 57-73
What to see and how to see it: tourists, residents, and the beginnings of the walking tour in nineteenth-century Quebec City
Alan Gordon, vol. 6 (1): 74-90
The people's own landscape: nature, tourism, and dictatorship in East Germany
Diane P. Koenker, vol. 6 (1): 91-92
Making Rocky Mountain National Park: the environmental history of an American treasure
Char Miller, vol. 6 (1): 92-94
Landscape in American guides and view books: visual history of touring and travel
Ulrike Spring, vol. 6 (1): 94-96
Finding the fountain of youth: Ponce de Leon and Florida's magical waters
Tracy J. Revels, vol. 6 (1): 96-97
Destination dixie: tourism and southern history
Jodi Skipper, vol. 6 (1): 97-99
Mining heritage and tourism: a global synthesis
Matt Thompson, vol. 6 (1): 99-101
The low cost carrier worldwide
Peter P. Belobaba, vol. 6 (1): 101-102
Not many flew down to Rio: tourism and the history of beach-going in twentieth-century Rio de Janeiro
B.J. Barickman, vol. 6 (2-3): 223-241
Tanned guardians, followers and pioneers: Yugoslav directed tourism across Tito's Brijuni Islands
Igor Duda, vol. 6 (2-3): 174-193
‘The sea connects; it does not divide’: Czech tourism on the interwar Adriatic
Igor Tchoukarine, vol. 6 (2-3): 139-157
The adventures of an Ustasha Youth leader in the Adriatic: transnational fascism and the travel polemics of Dragutin Gjurić
Rory Yeomans, vol. 6 (2-3): 158-173
Replacing Venice in the Adriatic: tourism and Italian irredentism, 1880–1936
Maura Hametz, vol. 6 (2-3): 107-121
Mobile natures: tourism, symbolic geographies, and environmental protection on the Croatian Adriatic
Pamela Ballinger, vol. 6 (2-3): 194-209
The historical social science of tourism
Bertrand Réau, vol. 6 (2-3): 210-222
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