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Journal of Urban History

Immigrant Island Cities in Industrial Detroit
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Theaster Gates's Dorchester Projects in Chicago
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New Bedford Resurgent: A New England Town-Gown Story
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Getting Out of a Spot: Deployed Technologies and Revamped Codes for a Thriving Twenty-First-Century City
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The Creative Class, Urban Boosters, and Race: Shaping Urban Revitalization in Kansas City, Missouri
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Urban Triage, City Systems, and the Remnants of Community: Some "Sticky" Complications in the Greening of Detroit
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Limitations of the Temporary: Landscape and Abandonment
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Debris of What-Would-Have-Been: A Photo-Essay Concerning Deindustrialization in Hyper-capitalist and Post-socialist Cities
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Decline and Renaissance: Photographing Detroit in the 1940s and 1980s
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Urban Decay Photography and Film: Fetishism and the Apocalyptic Imagination
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The City from Afar: Urbanization and the Aerial View in Alvin Coburn's The Octopus
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Journal of Victorian Culture

London's Underground Spaces: Representing the Victorian City, 1840–1915
vol. 20 (1): 137-140
Unveiling the Anonymous Philanthropist: Charity in the Nineteenth Century
vol. 20 (1): 20-33
Macaulay and Son: Architects of Imperial Britain / Excellent Dr Stanley: The Life of Dean Stanley of Westminster / James Anthony Froude: An Intellectual Biography of a Victorian Prophet / In the Olden Time: Victorians and the British Past
vol. 20 (1): 121-129
Victorian Failed Emigration and the Superfluity Debates: Elizabeth Murray's Ella Norman
vol. 20 (1): 101-120
Domestic Murder in Nineteenth-Century England: Literary and Cultural Representations
vol. 20 (1): 141-143
Notes on Contributors
vol. 20 (1): 144-146
Reading Victorian Rags: Recycling, Redemption, and Dickens's Ragged Children
vol. 20 (1): 34-49
Three Generations of Unconventional Family Values: A Case Study of the Ashursts
vol. 20 (1): 1-19
‘Discipline and Interference’: Ruskin's Political Economy, Natural Law, and the Moral Disorder of Victorian England
vol. 20 (1): 50-64
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