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Journal of Tourism History

The British abroad since the eighteenth century, volume 1: travellers and tourists
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Ireland and the picturesque: design, landscape, painting and tourism 1700–1840
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Education in the school of dreams: travelogues and early nonfiction film
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Mapping wonderlands: illustrated cartography of Arizona, 1912–1962
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Tourism and cricket: travels to the boundary
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Tourism, religion and pilgrimage in Jerusalem
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Commercial homes in tourism: an international perspective
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Sugar heritage and tourism in transition
William C. Found, vol. 6 (2-3): 255-257
Southern horrors: Northern visions of the Mediterranean World
Sharon Ouditt, vol. 6 (2-3): 257-258
Système touristique et culture technique dans l'Arc lémanique: analyse d'une success story et de ses effets sur l'économie régionale (1852 –1914) / Le tourisme comme facteur de transformations économiques, techniques et sociales (XIXe–XXe siècles) [Touris
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The Brijuni Islands – recreating paradise: media representations of an élite Mediterranean resort in the first tourist magazines
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Editors' introduction: research on tourism history in the Adriatic Sea Region
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Not many flew down to Rio: tourism and the history of beach-going in twentieth-century Rio de Janeiro
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Tanned guardians, followers and pioneers: Yugoslav directed tourism across Tito's Brijuni Islands
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‘The sea connects; it does not divide’: Czech tourism on the interwar Adriatic
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The adventures of an Ustasha Youth leader in the Adriatic: transnational fascism and the travel polemics of Dragutin Gjurić
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Replacing Venice in the Adriatic: tourism and Italian irredentism, 1880–1936
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Mobile natures: tourism, symbolic geographies, and environmental protection on the Croatian Adriatic
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Journal of Urban History

Introduction: Reinventing the American Postindustrial City
Karimi, P., vol. 41 (2): 147-157
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