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Renaissance Studies

J. B. Lethbridge and Paul J. Hecht (eds.), Spenser in the Moment. Madison: Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, 2015. xviii + 254 pp. $70.00/£49.95. ISBN: 978-1611476842 (hb).
Rachel Stenner, ONLINE EARLY
The hazards of professional authorship: polemic and fiction in Anthony Munday's English Roman Life
Adam H. Kitzes, ONLINE EARLY

Rethinking History: The Journal of Theory and Practice

Wikipedia and history: a worthwhile partnership in the digital era?
vol. 20 (4): 523-543
Remaking history: the past in contemporary historical fiction
vol. 20 (4): 594-598
The ‘postmodern turn’ in the social sciences
vol. 20 (4): 599-601
Leibnizian philosophy of history: a conversation
vol. 20 (4): 491-511
Namier, Zionism and the Palestine question: a case study of objectivity, truth and balance in the writing of history
vol. 20 (4): 512-522
Macaulay 1828: history, biography, and portraiture
vol. 20 (4): 544-555
Comics from the World Wars as palimpsest-laden tools for historical analysis
vol. 20 (4): 586-593
Sweet caress: the many lives of Amory Clay
vol. 20 (4): 601-605
vol. 20 (4): 489-490
‘Thoughts on authoring the past as history’
vol. 20 (4): 556-585
Editorial Board
vol. 20 (4): 0-0
Historians and ‘the current situation’
vol. 20 (2): 143-153
We are history: the outlines of a quasi-substantive philosophy of history
vol. 20 (2): 259-279
The rise and propagation of historical professionalism
Imagining early modern histories
Narrativity and dialectics revisited
The Finnish Twitter war: the Winter War experienced through the #sota39 project and its implications for historiography
Tales of pastness and contemporaneity: on the politics of time in history and anthropology
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