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History and Theory: Studies in the Philosophy of History

David P. Jordan, vol. 54 (3): 455-470
vol. 54 (3): 471-474
vol. 54 (3): 0-0

History of European Ideas

The Tragedy of Cambridge Anthropology: Edwardian Historical Thought and the Contact of Peoples
Simon Cook, vol. 42 (4): 541-553
Reflecting Subjects: Passion, Sympathy, & Society in Hume's Philosophy
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An Insight into Dugald Stewart's Interest and Influence in Political Economy from a Letter to Thomas Robert Malthus, 1820
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Debating Natural Law in the Banda Islands: A Case Study in Anglo–Dutch Imperial Competition in the East Indies, 1609–1621
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Interest, Trade and ‘Character and Circumstances': John Campbell's (1708–1775) Earlier Work
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Rewriting Eighteenth-Century Swedish Republican Political Thought: Heinrich Ludwig von Hess's Der Republickaner (1754)
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Jeremy Bentham's The Book of Fallacies
Kris Grint, vol. 42 (3): 451-453
Anna Letitia Barbauld's ‘To Mr. Barbauld, with a Map of the Land of Matrimony’ and the History of Sentimental Cartography
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Machiavelli against Method: Paul Feyerabend's Anti-Rationalism and Machiavellian Political ‘Science’
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Reading Analytic Philosophy in its Time and Place
Naomi Choi, vol. 42 (3): 453-457
Importing phenomenology: the early editorial life of Philosophy and Phenomenological Research
Gabriel R. Ricci, vol. 42 (3): 399-411
Conceptions of Reinhart Koselleck's Theory of Historical Time in the Thinking of Michael Oakeshott
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James Fitzjames Stephen, John Stuart Mill, and the Victorian Theory of Toleration
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Enlightening Enthusiasm: Prophecy and Religious Experience in Early Eighteenth-Century England
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The Law of Nations and Declarations of War after the Peace of Utrecht
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Henry Savile's Tacitus and the English role on the Continent: Leicester, Hotman, Lipsius
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John Toland's Conjecture on the First Invention of Typographic Printing as Inspired by Cicero: Text and Context
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