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History and Technology

The enemy underground: geostrategic intelligence and the war in Algeria
vol. 32 (1): 33-69
The myth of the first African-American electrical engineer: Arthur U. Craig and the importance of teaching in technological history
vol. 32 (1): 70-90
Editor’s note
vol. 32 (1): 1-1
The history of silver refining in New Spain, 16c to 18c: back to the basics
vol. 32 (1): 2-32
Facilitating exchanges: photography as a link between dentistry and surgery in the First World War
vol. 32 (1): 91-103
Translation as techné: female sexuality and the science of social progress in colonial India
vol. 31 (4): 350-375
Technology in the South Asian imaginary
vol. 31 (4): 341-349
The road from serfdom: economic storytelling and narratives of India in the rise of neoliberalism
vol. 31 (4): 397-419
Science, geography, and nation: the global creation of Thumba
vol. 31 (4): 420-451
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