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Settler Colonial Studies

Indigenous place and diaspora space: of literalism and abstraction
Daniel Coleman, vol. 6 (1): 61-76
Nazifying colonialism: settler colonialism and the fate of Germany's colonial chronotope
Matthew P. Fitzpatrick, vol. 6 (1): 23-44
Stealing home: decolonizing baseball's origin stories and their relations to settler colonialism
Craig Fortier, vol. 6 (1): 1-22
Agency and structural constraints: Indigenous peoples and the Australian settler-state in North Queensland
Alexander Page, vol. 6 (1): 88-98
Saltwater cowboys: life in a time of death and destruction
Lisa Slater, vol. 6 (1): 77-87
vol. 6 (1): 108-108
Theophilus Shepstone and the forging of Natal: African autonomy and settler colonialism in the making of traditional authority
Coel Kirkby, vol. 6 (1): 105-107
Ethnic cleansing and the Indian: the crime that should haunt America; Native America and the question of genocide
Carroll P. Kakel, vol. 6 (1): 99-105
Scepticism of empire in modern Western thought
After autonomy: the zapatistas, insurgent indigeneity, and decolonization
Melissa M. Forbis, ONLINE EARLY
Jackie Chan's Indian play: immigration, Asianness, and the contracting self in the American settler colony
Bruno Cornellier, ONLINE EARLY
‘Do they not have rational souls?’: consolidation and sovereignty in digital new worlds
Imagoed communities: the psychosocial space of settler colonialism
Phil Henderson, ONLINE EARLY
The fiscal body of sovereignty: to ‘make live’ in Indian country
Shiri Pasternak, ONLINE EARLY
On the (geo)politics of belonging: Agamben and the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
Codename Geronimo: settler memory and the production of American statism
Kevin Bruyneel, ONLINE EARLY
Interventions: race, culture, and population via the thought of A.P. Elkin
Michael R. Griffiths, ONLINE EARLY
From Chicaza to Chickasaw: the European invasion and the transformation of the Mississippian world, 1540–1715
Mark Meuwese, ONLINE EARLY
‘The intrusion therefore of cattle is by itself sufficient to produce the extirpation of the native race’: social ecological systems and ecocide in conflicts between Hunter–Gatherers and commercial stock farmers in Australia
Norbert Finzsch, ONLINE EARLY
‘I am frightened out of my life’: Black War, white fear
Nicholas Clements, ONLINE EARLY
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