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History of European Ideas

Il ‘taedium’ tra relazione e non-senso. Cristo crocifisso in Tommaso d'Aquino
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Wittgenstein and the genesis of neo-pragmatism in American thought
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Le grand mal de l'époque: Tocqueville on French Political Corruption
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Francis Hutcheson on Luxury and Intemperance: The Mandeville Threat
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On Political Theology: The Hidden Dialogue between C. Schmitt and Ernst H. Kantorowicz in The King's Two Bodies
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History of Political Thought as Detective-Work
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Mass and elite politics in Mill's considerations on representative Government
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Jeremy Bentham on Utility and Truth
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The Tragedy of Cambridge Anthropology: Edwardian Historical Thought and the Contact of Peoples
Reflecting Subjects: Passion, Sympathy, & Society in Hume's Philosophy
An Insight into Dugald Stewart's Interest and Influence in Political Economy from a Letter to Thomas Robert Malthus, 1820
Christophe Depoortère, ONLINE EARLY
Debating Natural Law in the Banda Islands: A Case Study in Anglo–Dutch Imperial Competition in the East Indies, 1609–1621
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Interest, Trade and ‘Character and Circumstances': John Campbell's (1708–1775) Earlier Work
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Rewriting Eighteenth-Century Swedish Republican Political Thought: Heinrich Ludwig von Hess's Der Republickaner (1754)
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History of Psychiatry

Psychogeriatrics in England in the 1950s: greater knowledge with little impact on provision of services
Hilton, C., vol. 27 (1): 3-20
The nature of delusion: psychologically explicable? psychologically inexplicable? philosophically explicable? Part 2
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Pavel Ivanovich Karpov (1873-1932?) - the Russian Prinzhorn: art of the insane in Russia
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