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Renaissance Studies

Arno River floods and the Cinquecento grotto at the Boboli garden
Shannon Kelley, ONLINE EARLY
Textual and textile literacies in early modern braids
Claire Canavan, ONLINE EARLY
Traces of Henry Wotton in continental Alba Amicorum
June Schlueter, Markus Dubischar, ONLINE EARLY
Helmer J. Helmers, sThe Royalist Republic: Literature, Politics, and Religion in the Anglo-Dutch Public Sphere, 1639–1660. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2015. xv + 325 pp. £65.00. ISBN: 978-1107087613 (hb).
Sjoerd Levelt, ONLINE EARLY
‘Un étrange moyen de séduction’: Anne de Graville's Chaldean Histories and her role in literary culture at the French court in the early sixteenth century
Elizabeth L'Estrange, ONLINE EARLY
‘God is in the details’: visual culture of closeness in the circle of Cardinal Reginald Pole
Lorraine de la Verpillière, ONLINE EARLY
The Liberation of Piero Di Cosimo
Alexander Röstel, ONLINE EARLY

Rethinking History: The Journal of Theory and Practice

Wikipedia and history: a worthwhile partnership in the digital era?
vol. 20 (4): 523-543
Remaking history: the past in contemporary historical fiction
vol. 20 (4): 594-598
The ‘postmodern turn’ in the social sciences
vol. 20 (4): 599-601
Leibnizian philosophy of history: a conversation
vol. 20 (4): 491-511
Namier, Zionism and the Palestine question: a case study of objectivity, truth and balance in the writing of history
vol. 20 (4): 512-522
Macaulay 1828: history, biography, and portraiture
vol. 20 (4): 544-555
Comics from the World Wars as palimpsest-laden tools for historical analysis
vol. 20 (4): 586-593
Sweet caress: the many lives of Amory Clay
vol. 20 (4): 601-605
vol. 20 (4): 489-490
‘Thoughts on authoring the past as history’
vol. 20 (4): 556-585
Editorial Board
vol. 20 (4): 0-0
We are history: the outlines of a quasi-substantive philosophy of history
vol. 20 (2): 259-279
Historians and ‘the current situation’
vol. 20 (2): 143-153
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