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Renaissance Studies

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Elsje van Kessel, ONLINE EARLY
Gossip, defamation and sodomy in the early modern Southern Netherlands
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Review of Exhibition
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Issue Information - Table of Contents
vol. 31 (2): 175-178
The animal in Renaissance Italy
Stephen Bowd, Sarah Cockram, vol. 31 (2): 183-200
The beginnings of comparative anatomy and Renaissance reflections on the human–animal divide
Benjamin Arbel, vol. 31 (2): 201-222
Real animals in ideal cities: the place and use of animals in Renaissance utopian literature
Cecilia Muratori, vol. 31 (2): 223-239
‘To dust the pelisse’: the erotic side of fur in Italian Renaissance art
Patricia Lurati, vol. 31 (2): 240-260
Human and animal in the Renaissance eye
Frances Gage, vol. 31 (2): 261-276
Interspecies understanding: exotic animals and their handlers at the Italian Renaissance court
Sarah Cockram, vol. 31 (2): 277-296
Talking of animals: whales, ambergris, and the circulation of knowledge in seventeenth-century Rome
Monica Azzolini, vol. 31 (2): 297-318
Ancient empires and early modern colonialism in William Alexander's Monarchicke Tragedies (1603-07)
Kirsten Sandrock, ONLINE EARLY
Rethinking Iago's jests in Othello II.i: Honestas, imports and laughable deformity
Daniel Derrin, ONLINE EARLY
Lorna Hutson, Circumstantial Shakespeare. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2015. x + 190 pp. £25.00. ISBN: 978-0199657100 (hb).
Lewis C. Seifert and Rebecca M. Wilkin (eds.), Men and Women Making Friends in Early Modern France. Farnham and Burlington, VT: Ashgate, 2015. x + 305 pp. £70.00. ISBN: 978-1472454096 (hb).
Jennifer Hillman, ONLINE EARLY
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