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Journal for Maritime Research

‘I never beheld a more piteous object’: abductions and the production of colonial knowledge in maritime Asia
vol. 16 (2): 124-138
Lost in translation? Maritime identity and identification in Asia under the VOC
vol. 16 (2): 139-152
Indian ghat sarangs as maritime labour recruiting intermediaries during the age of sail
vol. 16 (2): 153-166
‘Asiatic’ sailors and the East India Company: racialisation and labour practices, 1803–15
vol. 16 (2): 167-181
The last voyage of the Arabella: life and death aboard a British country ship
vol. 16 (2): 182-195
Lascars, the Thames Police Court and the Old Bailey: crime on the high seas and the London courts, 1852–8
vol. 16 (2): 196-211
‘Ghostlike’ seafarers and sailing ship nostalgia: the figure of the steamship lascar in the British imagination, c. 1880–1960
vol. 16 (2): 212-228
Shanghaied on the streets of Hoboken: Chinese exclusion and maritime regulation at Ellis Island
vol. 16 (2): 229-245
Lascars through the colonial lens: reconsidering visual sources of South Asian sailors from the twentieth century
vol. 16 (2): 246-263
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vol. 16 (2): 0-0

Journal of Design History

Transnational Modern Design Histories in East Asia: An Introduction
Kikuchi, Y., Lee, Y., vol. 27 (4): 323-334
The Formation of the Concept of Gong-ye in the Korean Modern Age
Her, B., vol. 27 (4): 335-350
Shopping for Art: The New Middle Class' Art Consumption in Modern Japanese Department Stores
Oh, Y., vol. 27 (4): 351-369
Transnational Networkers--Iwao and Michiko Yamawaki and the Formation of Japanese Modernist Design
Čapkova, H., vol. 27 (4): 370-385
Design Development in Newly Industrialized Countries under Protectionist Policy: The Case of Taiwan's Household Appliances Industry from the 1960s to the 1980s
Wong, J.-J., vol. 27 (4): 386-402
Olympic Visions: Images of the Games through History
Jobling, P., vol. 27 (4): 403-405
Domestic Interiors: Representing Homes from the Victorians to the Moderns
Muthesius, S., vol. 27 (4): 406-407
Architecture & Design versus Consumerism: How Design Activism Confronts Growth
Markussen, T., vol. 27 (4): 407-409
Dressing Sydney: The Jewish Fashion Story, An Exhibition
Leong, R., vol. 27 (4): 409-411
Plakatbevaegelsen: En britisk designfront i mellemkrigsarene
Klevgaard, T., vol. 27 (4): 411-413
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