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Settler Colonial Studies

The fiscal body of sovereignty: to ‘make live’ in Indian country
Shiri Pasternak, vol. 6 (4): 317-338
On the (geo)politics of belonging: Agamben and the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
Mark Rifkin, vol. 6 (4): 339-348
Codename Geronimo: settler memory and the production of American statism
Kevin Bruyneel, vol. 6 (4): 349-364
Interventions: race, culture, and population via the thought of A.P. Elkin
Michael R. Griffiths, vol. 6 (4): 385-402
From Chicaza to Chickasaw: the European invasion and the transformation of the Mississippian world, 1540–1715
Mark Meuwese, vol. 6 (4): 446-448
Scepticism of empire in modern Western thought
Walter Rech, vol. 6 (4): 448-451
After autonomy: the zapatistas, insurgent indigeneity, and decolonization
Melissa M. Forbis, vol. 6 (4): 365-384
Jackie Chan's Indian play: immigration, Asianness, and the contracting self in the American settler colony
Bruno Cornellier, vol. 6 (4): 403-422
‘Do they not have rational souls?’: consolidation and sovereignty in digital new worlds
Jodi A. Byrd, vol. 6 (4): 423-437
Whither settler colonialism?
Audra Simpson, vol. 6 (4): 438-445
Patrick Wolfe (1949–2016)
Lorenzo Veracini, vol. 6 (3): 189-190
What disruption, whose status quo? Non-Native narratives of victimization surrounding a First Nations' land reclamation
Shana Siegel, ONLINE EARLY
Palestinian narratives of resistance: The Freedom Theatre’s challenge to Israeli settler colonization
Madalena Santos, ONLINE EARLY
Feral children: settler colonialism, progress, and the figure of the child
Decolonising mental health services one prejudice at a time: psychological, sociological, ecological, and cultural considerations
Jonathan Fay, ONLINE EARLY
The international politics of settler self-governance: reflections on Zionism and ‘Dominion’ status within the British empire
Dan Freeman-Maloy, ONLINE EARLY
Decolonizing geographies of power: indigenous digital counter-mapping practices on turtle Island
‘Filling the void’: Turkish settlement in Northern Cyprus, 1974–1980
Helge Jensehaugen, ONLINE EARLY

Slavery & Abolition

Ireland, slavery, antislavery, post-slavery and empire: an historiographical survey
vol. 37 (3): 489-504
Common ground: positioning Ireland within studies of slavery, anti-slavery and empire
vol. 37 (3): 505-520
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