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History of European Ideas

Before anarchy. Hobbes and his critics in modern international thought
Michael Sonenscher, vol. 42 (8): 1115-1116
New Histories of Enlightenment Geneva
Neven Leddy, vol. 42 (8): 1105-1110
Tuck, Rousseau and the Sovereignty of the People
Robin Douglass, vol. 42 (8): 1111-1114
Jeremy Bentham on liberty of taste
Malcolm Quinn, ONLINE EARLY
The polis and the res publica: two Arendtian models of violence
Caroline Ashcroft, ONLINE EARLY
At the Origins of Modern Geography. The Oecumene: an Anthropogeographical Pattern
Carlotta Santini, ONLINE EARLY
Accounts of early Christian history in the thought of François Guizot, Benjamin Constant and Madame de Staël 1800–c.1833
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A threat like no other threat, George Berkeley against the freethinkers
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Antiquarianism and national history. The emergence of a new scholarly paradigm in early modern historical studies
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The origins of the modern emotions: Princess Elisabeth of Bohemia and the embodied mind
Renée Jeffery, ONLINE EARLY
Atheism: whence and whither?
Nathan G. Alexander, ONLINE EARLY
Did Harrington’s cats catch Harvey’s chick? Vitalistic imagery in early modern republican political theory
Veronika Szántó, ONLINE EARLY
From The Ancient Constitution to Barbarism and Religion; The Machiavellian Moment, the history of political thought and the history of historiography
From practice to theory to practice: William Penn from prison to the founding of Pennsylvania
Andrew R. Murphy, ONLINE EARLY
John Owen and John Locke: confessionalism, doctrinal minimalism, and toleration
Manfred Svensson, ONLINE EARLY
Deism, freethinking and toleration in Enlightenment England
Radical tolerance in early enlightenment Europe
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‘Barons’ Wars, under Other Names’: Feudalism, Royalism and the American Founding
Introduction: religious toleration in the age of enlightenment
Juan Pablo Domínguez, ONLINE EARLY
Intellectual history for the non-converted
Filimon Peonidis, ONLINE EARLY
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