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Journal of Design History

The People's Car: A Global History of the Volkswagen Beetle
Gartman, D., vol. 27 (3): 319-320
Books Received
vol. 27 (3): 321-322

Journal of Israeli History Politics, Society, Culture

Communists and the 1948 War: PCP, Maki, and the National Liberation League
vol. 33 (2): 115-144
Mapam in the War of Independence: From the war front to the opposition back benches
vol. 33 (2): 145-168
The Israeli left between culture and politics: Tzavta and Mapam, 1956–1973
vol. 33 (2): 169-183
From Yekke to Zionist: Narrative strategies in life stories of Central European Jewish women immigrants to Mandate Palestine
vol. 33 (2): 185-208
“Operation Exodus”: Israeli government involvement in the production of Otto Preminger's Film Exodus (1960)
vol. 33 (2): 209-229
1929: Shnat ha-efes ba-sikhsukh ha-yehudi-aravi [1929: Year zero of the Jewish-Arab conflict]
vol. 33 (2): 231-235
Menachem Begin: A Life
vol. 33 (2): 235-238
Representing Israel in Modern Egypt: Ideas, Intellectuals and Foreign Policy from Nasser to Mubarak
vol. 33 (2): 238-241
Embodying Hebrew Culture: Aesthetics, Athletics, and Dance in the Jewish Community of Mandate Palestine
vol. 33 (2): 241-244
Editorial Board
vol. 33 (2): 0-0

Journal of Medieval History

Inspecting the pious body: Christological morphology and the ritual-crucifixion allegation
vol. 41 (1): 21-40
Crossing boundaries in the Mediterranean: papal trade licences from the Registra supplicationum of Pope Clement VI (1342–52)
vol. 41 (1): 107-129
Of burning monks, unidentified churches and the last Cistercian foundation in the East: Our Lady of Camina in the principality of Achaia
vol. 41 (1): 60-87
Adventus in Jerusalem: the Palm Sunday celebration in Latin Jerusalem
vol. 41 (1): 1-20
Common good and private justice: letters of marque and the utilitas publica in fourteenth-century Marseilles
vol. 41 (1): 88-106
Between two kings: Pope Honorius III and the seizure of the kingdom of Jerusalem by Frederick II in 1225
vol. 41 (1): 41-59
Bruno of Merseburg and his historical method, c.1085
vol. 40 (4): 381-398
The fires of hell and the burning of heretics in the accounts of the executions at Orleans in 1022
vol. 40 (4): 399-420
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