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Labor History

The business of leisure: sport, labour and co-operation in post-war Britain
vol. 55 (5): 638-653
Unions, central banks, and EMU: labour market institutions and monetary integration in Europe
vol. 55 (5): 654-654
It's the labour costs stupid! Or is it? The complex origins of southern discomfort in the eurozone crisis
vol. 55 (5): 655-660
Europe would be better off without the Euro: a comparative political economy perspective on the Euro crisis
vol. 55 (5): 661-666
Unions, central banks and redistribution
vol. 55 (5): 667-672
What do unions do? And how do they do it?
vol. 55 (5): 673-679
Unions, wages and EMU
vol. 55 (5): 680-685
Editorial Board
vol. 55 (5): 0-0

Language & History

The History of Chinese Grammars in Chinese and Western Scholarly Traditions
Hilary Chappell, vol. 57 (2): 107-136
The Development of Chinese Grammars and the Classification of the Parts of Speech
Mariarosaria Gianninoto, vol. 57 (2): 137-148
How and Why Saussure is Misread in China: A Historical Study
Yanfei Zhang, vol. 57 (2): 149-167
vol. 57 (2): 168-174


On pins and needles: understanding the role of metal pins in the Upper Euphrates Valley during the Early Bronze I–II
Leigh Stork, vol. 46 (3): 321-338
Revisiting the Amuq sequence: a preliminary investigation of the EBIVB ceramic assemblage from Tell Tayinat
Lynn Welton, vol. 46 (3): 339-370
Animal economy and social diversity in Byzantine Apollonia/Sozousa
Lidar Sapir-Hen, vol. 46 (3): 371-381
Damascene ‘Trench Art’: a note on the manufacture of Mamluk Revival metalwork in early 20th-century Syria
Marcus Milwright, vol. 46 (3): 382-398
Marie-Odile Rousset, vol. 46 (3): 399-401

Library and Information History

Locating the Minister’s Looted Books: From Provenance and Library History to the Digital Reconstruction of Print Culture
Simon Burrows, vol. 31 (1): 1-17
John Dury’s Reformed Librarie-Keeper: Information and its Intellectual Contexts in Seventeenth-Century England
Catherine J. Minter, vol. 31 (1): 18-34
Lost Libraries and Surviving Manuscripts: The Case of Medieval Transylvania
Adrian Papahagi, vol. 31 (1): 35-53
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