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History of European Ideas

Pocock, Machiavelli and Political Contingency in Foreign Affairs: Republican Existentialism Outside (and Within) the City
John P. McCormick, ONLINE EARLY
The Absence of Macpherson and Strauss in Pocock’s Machiavellian Moment
Edward Andrew, ONLINE EARLY
‘An Old Carriage with New Horses’: Nietzsche’s Critique of Democracy
Hugo Drochon, ONLINE EARLY
The Praelium Nuportanum by Isaac Dorislaus: Anglo–Dutch Relations and Strategic historiography
Contests about Natural Law in Early Enlightenment Copenhagen
Mads Langballe Jensen, ONLINE EARLY
‘The Standard Work in English on the League’ and Its Authorship: Charles Howard Ellis, an Unlikely Australian Internationalist
James Cotton, ONLINE EARLY
Agents of knowledge: Marxist identity politics in the Revisionismusstreit
Jamie Melrose, ONLINE EARLY
Before anarchy. Hobbes and his critics in modern international thought
Michael Sonenscher, ONLINE EARLY
New Histories of Enlightenment Geneva
Georges Sorel’s Diremption: Hegel, Marxism and Anti-Dialectics
Eric Brandom, ONLINE EARLY
Virtue language in historical scholarship: the cases of Georg Waitz, Gabriel Monod and Henri Pirenne
Camille Creyghton, ONLINE EARLY
Recent Volumes in the Complete Works of Voltaire
Tuck, Rousseau and the Sovereignty of the People
Robin Douglass, ONLINE EARLY
Experientia and the Machiavellian turn in religio-political and scientific thinking: Basel in 1580
Gábor Almási, ONLINE EARLY
Existentialism as a Political Problem in Karl Löwith's Thought
Arkadiusz Górnisiewicz, ONLINE EARLY
The Death of Beauty: Goya's Etchings and Black Paintings through the Eyes of André Malraux
Race, polygenesis and equality: John Crawfurd and nineteenth-century resistance to evolution
Gareth Knapman, ONLINE EARLY
Theories of the Sublime in the Dutch Golden Age: Franciscus Junius, Joost van den Vondel and Petrus Wittewrongel
Stijn Bussels, ONLINE EARLY

History of Psychiatry

The emergence of psychiatric semiology during the Age of Revolution: evolving concepts of 'normal and 'pathological
Londono, D. E., Dening, T., vol. 27 (2): 121-136
Psychiatric governance, völkisch corporatism, and the German Research Institute of Psychiatry in Munich (1912-26). Part 2
Engstrom, E. J., Burgmair, W., Weber, M. M., vol. 27 (2): 137-152
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