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Slavery & Abolition

Uncovering testimonies of slavery and the slave trade in missionary sources: the SHADD biographies project and the CMS and MMS archives for Sierra Leone, Nigeria, and the Gambia
Granville Sharp’s manuscript letter to the admiralty on the Zong massacre: a new discovery in the British Library

Social History

Cycling, modernity and national culture
vol. 41 (3): 233-248
Contested socialisms: the conflict between critical sociology and reform economics in communist Hungary, 1967–71
vol. 41 (3): 249-266
Conspiracy to corrupt public morals and the ‘unlawful’ status of homosexuality in Britain after 1967
vol. 41 (3): 267-284
Policing the image: the Breakwater prison albums, Cape Town, in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries
vol. 41 (3): 285-303
Ordering the urban body: professional planning in early twentieth-century Britain
vol. 41 (3): 304-318
‘Socialism on the Bench’
vol. 41 (3): 319-325
Children and Youth in Premodern Scotland
vol. 41 (3): 326-327
Food and Health in Early Modern Europe: diet, medicine and society, 1450–1800
vol. 41 (3): 327-328
Victorian Turkish Baths
vol. 41 (3): 328-330
Mental health nursing: the working lives of paid carers in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries
vol. 41 (3): 330-331
Acid Hype: American new media and the psychedelic experience
vol. 41 (3): 332-333
Rockets and Revolution: a cultural history of early spaceflight
vol. 41 (3): 333-334
Colonial State, Agrarian Transition and Popular Protest in Orissa, 1921–1947
vol. 41 (3): 335-336
The Left Side of History: World War II and the unfulfilled promise of communism in eastern Europe
vol. 41 (3): 336-338
Anguish, Anger and Folkways in Soviet Russia
vol. 41 (3): 338-339
Fighting over Fidel: the New York intellectuals and the Cuban Revolution
vol. 41 (3): 339-341
The Color of Modernity: São Paulo and the making of race and nation in Brazil
vol. 41 (3): 341-343
The Spectral Wound: sexual violence, public memories and the Bangladesh war of 1971
vol. 41 (3): 343-344
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