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Studies in Conservation

Changing research trends in the field of archaeological wood at the Conservation Department, Faculty of Archaeology, Cairo University
Nesrin M.N. El Hadidi, vol. 60 (3): 143-154
A bronze statue of a Meroitic archer-king: New data
Noëlle Timbart, vol. 60 (3): 194-210
Iron removal from waterlogged wood: Extraction by electrophoresis and chemical treatments
Charlène Pelé, vol. 60 (3): 155-171
Chandra L. Reedy, vol. 60 (3): 141-142
A new electrolytic pencil for the local cleaning of silver tarnish
Christian Degrigny, ONLINE EARLY
New insights into brazilwood lake pigments manufacture through the use of historically accurate reconstructions
Tatiana Vitorino, ONLINE EARLY
Conservation strategy for food-based perishable art: preservation versus reconstruction illustrated by Piece in Ghent by Jason Rhoades (1994)
Julie Gilman, ONLINE EARLY
The making of Mark Rothko's Harvard Murals
Jens Stenger, ONLINE EARLY
Conservation of a room: A treatment proposal for Mark Rothko's Harvard Murals
Jens Stenger, ONLINE EARLY
De Colorando Auro: Experiments and literature study of medieval colouring recipes on gilded plates
Amandine Caroline Crabbé, ONLINE EARLY

Tel Aviv: Journal of the Institute of Archaeology of Tel Aviv University

In the Valley of the King: Jerusalem's Rural Hinterland in the 8th-4th Centuries BCE
Yuval Gadot, vol. 42 (1): 3-26
A Reanalysis of the Black Wheel-Made Ware of the Intermediate Bronze Age
Shlomit Bechar, vol. 42 (1): 27-58
The Origins of Late Philistine Decorated Ware: A Note
Aren M. Maeir, vol. 42 (1): 59-66
A New Fragment of Proto-Aeolic Capital from Jerusalem
Doron Ben-ami, vol. 42 (1): 67-71
Abraham's Victory over the Kings of the Four Quadrants in Light of Darius I's Bisitun Inscription
Nadav Na'aman, vol. 42 (1): 72-88
Structural, Technical and Petrographic Analysis of Bullae from the Samaria Papyri
Shira Gurwin, vol. 42 (1): 89-102
Late Persian-Early Hellenistic Remains at Tel ͑Eton
Avraham Faust, vol. 42 (1): 103-126
An Early Roman Hiding Complex at ͑Enot Sho͑im, Central Lower Galilee
Uzi Leibner, vol. 42 (1): 127-143

Terrae Incognitae: The Journal of the Society for the History of Discoveries

Tracking Change: Lily-of-the-Valley Custom and Festival in France
Cozette Griffin-Kremer, vol. 53 (1): 1-18
Dreg Songs Lost … and Found
Robert Young Walser, vol. 53 (1): 19-35
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