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Social History

Settler Society in the Australian Colonies: self-government and imperial culture
vol. 41 (2): 225-226
Chained in Silence: black women and convict labor in the New South
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Agriculture and Environment: debates in the central legislature of India, 1937–1957
vol. 41 (2): 228-229
Power to the People: energy in Europe over the last five centuries
vol. 41 (2): 229-231
vol. 41 (2): 232-232

Social History of Medicine

Women Searchers of the Dead in Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-century London
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Medicine and Charity in Eighteenth-century Northumberland: The Early Years of the Bamburgh Castle Dispensary and Surgery, c. 1772-1802
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Infected by the Devil, Cured by Calundu: African Healers in Eighteenth-century Minas Gerais, Brazil
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Immigration, Statecraft and Public Health: The 1920 Aliens Order, Medical Examinations and the Limitations of the State in England
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Medical Eponyms: Patient Advocates, Professional Interests and the Persistence of Honorary Naming
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The Strange Case of Hannah West: Skin Colour and the Search for Racial Difference
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Health Citizenship and Access to Health Services: Finland 1900-2000
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Transnational Nationalism and Idealistic Science: The Alcohol Question between the Wars
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The Hard School: Physical Treatments for War Neurosis in Britain during the Second World War
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Matthew M. Mesley and Louise E. Wilson, Contextualising Miracles in the Christian West, 1100-1500
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Janet Gyatso, Being Human in a Buddhist World: An Intellectual History of Medicine in Early Modern Tibet
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