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Journal of Religious History

The Baha'i Faith: Distribution Statistics, 1925–1949
Between Two Paradigms: Harriet Pullen and the Earliest Australian Female Preachers
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The Perpetually Wedded Wife of God: A Study of Shaykh Musa “Sadā Suhāg” as the Founder of Sadā Suhāgiyya Silsilah
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Harmful or Benign? Transnational Medical Networks and the Celibacy of Priests
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European Connections, Obstacles, and the Search for a New Concept of Religion: The Freethought Movement as an Example of Transnational Anti-Catholicism in the Second Half of the Nineteenth Century
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A Comparative Historical Categorisation of Anti-Catholicism
A European Culture War in the Twentieth Century? Anti-Catholicism and Anti-Bolshevism between Moscow, Berlin, and the Vatican 1922 to 1933
Incorporating the King's New Subjects: Accommodation and Anti-Catholicism in the British Empire, 1763–1815
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