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Australian Economic History Review

The Western Australian Convicts
Nicholas J. Meinzer, vol. 55 (2): 163-186
Estimating the Aboriginal Population in Early Colonial Australia: The Role of Chickenpox Reconsidered
Boyd H. Hunter, John Carmody, vol. 55 (2): 112-138
Infant Mortality Decline and Its Socioeconomic Correlates in New Zealand, 1873–1940
Katerina Sadetskaya, vol. 55 (2): 139-162
Growing Incomes, Growing People in Nineteenth-Century Tasmania
Kris Inwood, Hamish Maxwell-Stewart, Deborah Oxley, Jim Stankovich, vol. 55 (2): 187-211
The Zollverein and the Sequence of a Customs Union
Florian Ploeckl, ONLINE EARLY
Localisation of Industry in Chile, 1895–1967: Mining Cycles and State Policy
Marc Badia-Miró, César Yáñez, ONLINE EARLY

Australian Historical Studies

AHS Classics: Australia and the First World War
Crossing over: In this Issue
vol. 46 (3): 337-339
Shadowing Imperial Networks: Indigenous Mobility and Australia's Pacific Past
vol. 46 (3): 340-355
Re-Routing Empire? Steam-Age Circulations and the Making of an Anglo Pacific, c.1850–90
vol. 46 (3): 356-373
Ruining Pacific Islands: Australia's Phosphate Imperialism
vol. 46 (3): 374-391
Rewriting Quarantine: Pacific History at Australia's Edge
vol. 46 (3): 392-409
The Australian Dream of an Island Empire: Race, Reputation and Resistance
vol. 46 (3): 410-424
Liberal Intellectuals as Pacific Supercargo: White Australian Masculinity and Racial Thought on the Boarder-Lands
vol. 46 (3): 425-439
Invisible Histories? History Features on Australian Radio
vol. 46 (3): 440-453
Who Do You Think You Are? Historical Television Consultancy
vol. 46 (3): 454-467
‘To Make the Past Present, to Bring the Distant Near’: Affective History and Historical Distance in The War That Changed Us
vol. 46 (3): 468-476
Calling the Shots: Aboriginal Photographies
vol. 46 (3): 477-478
Van Diemen's Land: An Aboriginal History
vol. 46 (3): 478-479
Tangata Whenua: An Illustrated History
vol. 46 (3): 479-480
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