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Australian Historical Studies

Britannia’s Shield: Lieutenant General Sir Edward Hutton and Late Victorian Imperial Defence
vol. 47 (2): 340-342
Between Duty and Design: The Architect Soldier Sir J.J. Talbot Hobbs
vol. 47 (2): 342-343
vol. 47 (2): 343-344
Calls to Arms: New Zealand Society and Commitment to the Great War / Endurance and the First World War: Experiences and Legacies in New Zealand and Australia / How We Remember: New Zealanders and the First World War
vol. 47 (2): 344-345
Beyond Surrender: Australian Prisoners of War in the Twentieth Century
vol. 47 (2): 346-347
Australians: Flappers to Vietnam
vol. 47 (2): 347-348
Mateship: A Very Australian History
vol. 47 (2): 348-349
Australia’s Boldest Experiment: War and Reconstruction in the 1940s
vol. 47 (2): 349-350
Peace, Power and Politics: How New Zealand Became Nuclear Free
vol. 47 (2): 350-352
A Little America in Western Australia: The US Naval Communication Station at North West Cape and the Founding of Exmouth
vol. 47 (2): 352-353
Running Out: Water in Western Australia
vol. 47 (2): 353-354
A Journey Travelled: Aboriginal-European Relations at Albany and the Surrounding Regions from First Contact to 1926
vol. 47 (2): 354-355
Paul Hasluck: A Life
vol. 47 (2): 355-356

Australian Journal of Politics & History

Negotiating Liberty: The Use of Political Opportunities and Civil Society by Barbary State Captives and Guantánamo Bay Detainees
Cynthia Banham, Brett Goodin, vol. 62 (2): 171-185
Handout or Hand-up: Ongoing Tensions in the Long History of Government Response to Drought in Australia
Karen Downing, Rebecca Jones, Blake Singley, vol. 62 (2): 186-202
Australian-Asian Sociability, Student Activism, and the University Challenge to White Australia in the 1950s
Kate Darian-Smith, James Waghorne, vol. 62 (2): 203-218
Market Power and Misunderstandings: The Case of EU-Australian Trade Diplomacy
Lachlan McKenzie, vol. 62 (2): 219-235
The Renewal of Social Democracy? The Rann Labor Government (2002–11)
Rob Manwaring, vol. 62 (2): 236-250
Pearson and Responsibility: (Mis-)Understanding the Capabilities Approach
Matthew Johnson, Morgan Brigg, Mary Graham, vol. 62 (2): 251-267
Issues in Australian Foreign Policy July to December 2015
Katie Linnane, vol. 62 (2): 268-281
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