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Contemporary British History

Constructing Post-Imperial Britain: Britishness, ‘Race’ and the Radical Left in the 1960s
vol. 28 (2): 244-246
British Student Activism in the Long Sixties
vol. 28 (2): 248-249
Mental Hygiene and Psychiatry in Modern Britain
vol. 28 (2): 249-251
The Meanings of Margarine in England: Class, Consumption and Material Culture from 1918 to 1953
vol. 28 (2): 145-165
‘A Whipping Boy If Ever There was One’? The British Army and the Politics of Civil–Military Relations in Northern Ireland, 1969–79
vol. 28 (2): 166-189
Another Window on British Secularization: Public Attitudes to Church and Clergy Since the 1960s
vol. 28 (2): 190-218
Centurions and Chieftains: Tank Sales and British Policy towards Israel in the Aftermath of the Six-Day War
vol. 28 (2): 219-239
Captain Capon's Cure – Food, Fitness and the British Army's Physical Development Depots, 1936–1939
vol. Contemporary British History, Ahead of Print.
(Contemporary British History, Ahead of Print.
): 0-0
‘The Millstone Around Our Necks’: Harold Wilson and the HMS Fearless Conference (9–13 October 1968)
vol. Contemporary British History, Ahead of Print.
(Contemporary British History, Ahead of Print.
): 0-0

Cultural History

Symbolic Conflict and Ritual Agency at the Vauderie d'Arras
vol. 3 (1): 1-26
Disability Humour in English Jestbooks of the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries
vol. 3 (1): 27-53
Sounds of Sedition: Music and Emotion in Ireland, 1780–1845
vol. 3 (1): 54-80
Faith Barrett, To Fight Aloud Is Very Brave: American Poetry and the Civil War (Amherst: University of Massachusetts Press, 2012).
vol. 3 (1): 81-83
Peter Burke, A Social History of Knowledge, vol. 2 (Cambridge: Polity, 2012).
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Holly Dugan, The Ephemeral History of Perfume: Scent and Sense in Early Modern England (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University, 2011).
vol. 3 (1): 85-87
Alexander Etkind, Internal Colonization: Russia's Imperial Experience (Cambridge: Polity, 2011).
vol. 3 (1): 87-88
Michael Jackson, Lifeworlds: Essays in Existential Anthropology (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2013).
vol. 3 (1): 89-90
Sebastian Jobs, Welcome Home, Boys! Military Victory Parades in New York City 1899–1946 (New York: Campus Verlag, 2012).
vol. 3 (1): 90-92
Jean-Guy Prévost and Jean-Pierre Beaud, Statistics, Public Debate and the State, 1800–1945: A Social, Political and Intellectual History of Numbers (London: Pickering & Chatto, 2012).
vol. 3 (1): 93-95
Daniel Roche, La Culture équestre de l'Occident, xvie–xixe siècle. L'ombre du cheval, vol. 2: La gloire et la puissance. Essai sur la distinction équestre (Paris: Fayard, 2011).
vol. 3 (1): 96-97
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