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Cultural History

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Early Medieval Europe

Being Roman after Rome
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The pleasures of the past: history and identity in the early Middle Ages
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Romanness: a multiple identity and its changes
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Preaching Romanness in the early Middle Ages: the sermon De litaniis from the Eusebius Gallicanus collection
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Reflecting Romanness in the Fredegar Chronicle
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Romana urbs: levels of Roman and imperial identity in the city of Rome
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Pieces of a puzzle: time and history in Walahfrid's Vademecum
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All roads lead to Rome? Frechulf of Lisieux, Augustine and Orosius
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Index of reviews for Volume 22
vol. 22 (4): 506-508

Economic History Review

Growth and inequality in the great and little divergence debate: a Japanese perspective
Unskilled wage gaps within the Japanese Empire
Did Muhammad Ali foster industrialization in early nineteenth-century Egypt?
Laura Panza, Jeffrey G. Williamson, ONLINE EARLY
Riding a wave: the Company's role in the South Sea Bubble
Richard A. Kleer, ONLINE EARLY
Why didn't Canada have a banking crisis in 2008 (or in 1930, or 1907, or …)?
Michael D. Bordo, Angela Redish, Hugh Rockoff, ONLINE EARLY
A global corporate census: publicly traded and close companies in 1910
Leslie Hannah, ONLINE EARLY
Hunger games: or how the Allied blockade in the First World War deprived German children of nutrition, and Allied food aid subsequently saved them
Mary Elisabeth Cox, ONLINE EARLY
Share portfolios in the early years of financial capitalism: London, 1690–1730
Ann M. Carlos, Erin Fletcher, Larry Neal, ONLINE EARLY
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