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Journal of Medieval Iberian Studies

The cruces gemmatae of Oviedo between the eleventh and twelfth centuries

Journal of Modern Chinese History

Intellectual preparedness: Dr. Hu Shih, Lake Forest College, and Chinese diplomacy during World War II
vol. 9 (2): 153-174
The state in the shadow of war: reexamining Zhang Junmai’s thoughts on democratic politics and state building
vol. 9 (2): 175-198
Partnership across the Pacific: Sino–American collaboration in maritime transportation during World War I
vol. 9 (2): 199-222
Coping with parallel authorities: the early diplomatic negotiations of Soviet Russia and China on the Chinese Eastern Railway, 1917–1925
vol. 9 (2): 223-243
“Historical research is like retrying an old case”: an interview with Shen Zhihua, June 17, 2015
vol. 9 (2): 244-258
Oral history studies in contemporary China
vol. 9 (2): 259-274
“Intellectual circles” in late Qing and Republican China (two volumes), by Zhang Qing, Beijing, Social Sciences Academic Press, 2014, 882 pp., ISBN 978-7-5097-5709-3
vol. 9 (2): 275-276
The transformation of Confucianism and the new mission of culture: Kang Youwei and Zhang Taiyan as foci, 1898–1927, by Peng Chunling, Beijing, Beijing University Press, 2014, 511 pp., ISBN 978-7-301-23998-8
vol. 9 (2): 276-278
From counselors to officials: the transformation and predicament of the outer administration in the late Qing, by Guan Xiaohong, Beijing, SDX Joint Publishing Company, 2014, 646 pp., ISBN 978-7-108-04619-2
vol. 9 (2): 278-281
Managing Beijing: the Beijing Police Office under the Beiyang Government, by Ding Rui, Taiyuan, Shanxi People’s Publishing House, 2013, 492 pp., ISBN 978-7-203-08344-3
vol. 9 (2): 281-282
China’s political–business relations: Yu Qiaqing and his era, by Feng Xiaocai, Beijing, Social Sciences Academic Press, 2013, 283 pp., ISBN 978-7-5097-4931-9
vol. 9 (2): 283-284
Costly peace: a study of the peace negotiations between imperial Japan and the Qing dynasty in Shimonoseki, by Ji Chen, Beijing, SDX Joint Publishing Company, 2014, 394 pp., ISBN 978-7-108-05107-3
vol. 9 (2): 284-286
The Paris Peace Conference and Beijing’s internal–external struggles: China’s diplomatic disputes and the interests of political factions in 1919, by Deng Ye, Beijing, Social Sciences Academic Press, 2014, 260 pp., ISBN 978-7-5097-6368-1
vol. 9 (2): 286-288
Studies on the reform of the Guomindang in Taiwan (1950–1952), by Feng Lin, Nanjing, Phoenix Publishing House, 2013, 307 pp., ISBN 978-7-5506-1895-4
vol. 9 (2): 288-290
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Journal of Religious History

Quaker Dreaming: The “Lost” Cotton Archive and the Aborigines of Van Diemen's Land
Nicholas Dean Brodie, ONLINE EARLY
Śāntideva's Bodhicaryāvatāra in Translation: A Century of Interpretation of a Sanskrit Mahāyāna Text
Barbara Nelson, ONLINE EARLY
Christianity and Secularisation in the West and the Middle East: A Theological Stance
Sylvie Avakian, ONLINE EARLY
George Weekes: Rogue Missionary to New England Indians, 1731–1755
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