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Journal of Modern Chinese History

Costly peace: a study of the peace negotiations between imperial Japan and the Qing dynasty in Shimonoseki, by Ji Chen, Beijing, SDX Joint Publishing Company, 2014, 394 pp., ISBN 978-7-108-05107-3
vol. 9 (2): 284-286
The Paris Peace Conference and Beijing’s internal–external struggles: China’s diplomatic disputes and the interests of political factions in 1919, by Deng Ye, Beijing, Social Sciences Academic Press, 2014, 260 pp., ISBN 978-7-5097-6368-1
vol. 9 (2): 286-288
Studies on the reform of the Guomindang in Taiwan (1950–1952), by Feng Lin, Nanjing, Phoenix Publishing House, 2013, 307 pp., ISBN 978-7-5506-1895-4
vol. 9 (2): 288-290
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vol. 9 (2): 0-0

Journal of Religious History

Quaker Dreaming: The “Lost” Cotton Archive and the Aborigines of Van Diemen's Land
Nicholas Dean Brodie, ONLINE EARLY
Śāntideva's Bodhicaryāvatāra in Translation: A Century of Interpretation of a Sanskrit Mahāyāna Text
Barbara Nelson, ONLINE EARLY
Christianity and Secularisation in the West and the Middle East: A Theological Stance
Sylvie Avakian, ONLINE EARLY
George Weekes: Rogue Missionary to New England Indians, 1731–1755
Occult Spheres, Planes, and Dimensions: Geometric Terminology and Analogy in Modern Esoteric Discourse
Christopher A. Plaisance, ONLINE EARLY
Expanding the Australian Empire?: The Australian Council for the World Council of Churches, the Menzies Government and the New Hebrides in the late 1950s
Christopher Waters, ONLINE EARLY
Politics and Eschatology: Reassessing the Appeal of the “Jewish Indian” Theory in England and New England in the 1650s
Andrew Crome, ONLINE EARLY
Reconciling State and Society? The Practice of the Common Good in the Partnership of Bishop David Sheppard and Archbishop Derek Worlock
Was Photios an Anti-Latin?: Heresy and Liturgical Variation in the Encyclical to the Eastern Patriarchs
Papal Power and Protection in the Shebet Yehudah
Rebecca Rist, ONLINE EARLY
Conversion Narratives and the Roman Inquisition in Malta, 1650–1700
Frans Ciappara, ONLINE EARLY
Antillean Islander Space: On the Religious Beliefs and Representations of the Taíno People
Ivan Rodríguez López, ONLINE EARLY
Rational Dissent, Unitarianism, and the Closure of the Northampton Academy in 1798
David L. Wykes, ONLINE EARLY
A Long History of Faith-Based Welfare in Australia: Origins and Impact
Shurlee Swain, ONLINE EARLY
Lay Defender of Catholicism: Dr. Edward Swarbreck Hall in Tasmania 1833–1881
Stefan Petrow, ONLINE EARLY
Samantha Zacher: Rewriting the Old Testament in Anglo-Saxon Verse: Becoming the Chosen People. London and New York: Bloomsbury Academic, 2013; pp. xxi + 189.
Daniel Anlezark, vol. 40 (1): 132-133
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