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Journal of Religious History

Introduction: Emotions and Conversion
Jacqueline Van Gent, Spencer E. Young, ONLINE EARLY
The Public Baptism of Muslims in Early Modern Spain and Portugal: Forging Communal Identity through Collective Emotional Display
Francois Soyer, ONLINE EARLY
“Quite indifferent to these things”: The Role of Emotions and Conversion in the Dutch East India Company's Interactions with the South Lands
Susan Broomhall, ONLINE EARLY
Tying Children to God With Love: Danish Mission, Childhood, and Emotions in Colonial South India
Karen A. A. Vallgårda, ONLINE EARLY
The Foundation of the Melbourne College of Divinity
Peter Sherlock, ONLINE EARLY
Babi–Baha'i Expansion and “Geo-Cultural Breakthroughs”
“A Hook Fast in His Heart”: Emotion and “True Christian Knowledge” in Disputes over Conversion between Lutheran and Moravian Missionaries in Early Colonial Greenland
Claire McLisky, ONLINE EARLY
Apartheid, Religious Pluralism, and the Evolution of the Right to Religious Freedom in South Africa
Georgia Alida Plessis, ONLINE EARLY
“And They'll Know We Are Christians By Our Love”: Exploring the Role of Christian Love on Maloga Mission, 1874–1888
Claire McLisky, vol. 39 (3): 333-351
“Your Journal, My Love”: Constructing Personal and Religious Bonds in Eighteenth-Century Women's Diaries
Cynthia Aalders, vol. 39 (3): 386-398
To Rid the Italian Soul of One Dark Blot: Recognising Race in White Christian Religion
David F. Evans, vol. 39 (3): 370-385
The Baha'i Faith: Distribution Statistics, 1925–1949
Peter Smith, vol. 39 (3): 352-369
Between Two Paradigms: Harriet Pullen and the Earliest Australian Female Preachers
Nicole Starling, vol. 39 (3): 399-419
The Perpetually Wedded Wife of God: A Study of Shaykh Musa “Sadā Suhāg” as the Founder of Sadā Suhāgiyya Silsilah
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Harmful or Benign? Transnational Medical Networks and the Celibacy of Priests
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Babylon in Paris: Alfred Loisy as Assyriologist
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Pure Minds, Pure Bodies, Pure Lips: Religious Ideology and the Juvenile Convict Institutions at Carters' Barracks and Point Puer
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Renate Söhnen-Thieme, vol. 39 (3): 457-458
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