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Journal of Religious History

Signs of Spiritual Crisis or Evidence of Unexpected Commitment? Attitudes to Compulsory Church Parades in the First AIF
Daniel Reynaud, ONLINE EARLY
Cluniac Customs Beyond Cluny: Patterns of Use in the Southern Low Countries
J. Diehl, S. Vanderputten, ONLINE EARLY
Men in the Communities of Dominican Nuns – Sister-Books Discussing Priests and Friars
High Medieval Monasteries as Communities of Practice: Approaching Monastic Learning Through Letters
Pioneering Leadership: Historical Myth-Making, Absence, and Identity in the Churches of Christ in Victoria
Kerrie Handasyde, ONLINE EARLY
Rehabilitating the Spirituality of Pre-Islamic Arabia: On the Importance of the Kahin, the Jinn, and the Tribal Ancestral Cult
Christopher M. Moreman, vol. 40 (2): 0-0
Aristotelian Ethics and Luke 15.11–32 in Early Modern England
Ezra Horbury, vol. 40 (2): 0-0
Scripture beyond Common Sense: Sentimental Bible Study and the Evangelical Practice of “the Bible Reading”
Daved Anthony Schmidt, vol. 40 (2): 0-0
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vol. 40 (2): 159-160
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