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The Journal of Contemporary History

George L. Mosse and Walter Laqueur on the History of Fascism
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Unfinished Europe: Transition from Communism to Democracy in Central and Eastern Europe
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The Right to Manumit and British Relations with Ibn Saud and Persia in the 1920s
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Contention in the Courtroom: The Legal Dimension of the 1960s Protests in the German and US Student Movements
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The Diplomatic History of Global Women's Rights: The British Foreign Office and International Women's Year, 1975
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Germanizing Germans: Co-ethnic Immigration and Name Change in West Germany, 1953-93
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The Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History

The British Commonwealth Air Training Plan and the Shaping of National Identities in the Second World War
vol. 43 (5): 903-926
Editorial Board
vol. 43 (5): 0-0
Orientalism at Work? Dundee's Response to Competition from Calcutta, circa 1870–1914
vol. 43 (5): 807-830
The Scramble for East Africa: British Motives Reconsidered, 1884–95
vol. 43 (5): 831-860
‘A book is a book, all the world over’: New Zealand and the Colonial Writing World 1890–1945
vol. 43 (5): 861-881
‘The Laws of his Own Country’: Defamation, Banishment and the Problem of Legal Pluralism in the 1820s Cape Colony
vol. 43 (5): 787-806
Caught between Realities: The American Revolution, the Continental Congress and Political Turmoil in the Bahama Islands
vol. 43 (5): 747-769
A British Strike in an African Port: The Mercantile Marine and Dominion Politics in Durban, 1925
vol. 43 (5): 882-902
His Majesty's Agents: The British Consul at Tripoli, 1795–1832
vol. 43 (5): 770-786
The ‘Other’ on the other side of the ditch? The conception of New Zealand's disassociation from Australia
‘Masters in Their Own House’: Britain, the Dominions and the 1946 Ex-Service Free Passage Scheme
Colonising Italians: Italian imperialism and agricultural ‘colonies’ in Australia, 1881–1914
Discipline, Self-discipline and Legacy: Military and Regimental Savings Banks in India
The Partisan Nature of Race and Imperialism: Dadabhai Naoroji, M. M. Bhownaggree and the Late Nineteenth-Century British Politics of Indian Nationalism
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