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Journal of Victorian Culture

Notes on Contributors
vol. 19 (4): 579-581
Editorial Board
vol. 19 (4): 0-0
Labour and the Caucus: Working-Class Radicalism and Organised Liberalism in England, 1868–1888

Labor History

Occupational mobility of black migrants in the West during the 1950s
Fordlandia: the rise and fall of Henry Ford's forgotten jungle city
American Railroad Labor and the Genesis of the New Deal, 1919–1935
An odd couple: individual wage setting and the largest Swedish trade union
The Seattle Teamsters and the procedural state, 1935–1942
Dark chocolate: lessons from the 1937 Hershey sit-down strike
Introduction: sport, recreation and British labour
vol. 55 (5): 539-546
“Social physical exercise?” Football, industrial paternalism, and professionalism in west Dunbartonshire, Scotland, c. 1870–1900
vol. 55 (5): 547-562
‘Wandering Jews’? British Jewry, outdoor recreation and the far-left, 1900–1939
vol. 55 (5): 563-579
Partisan players: sport, working-class culture, and the labour movement in South Wales 1920–1939
vol. 55 (5): 580-593
Preventing ‘robotised women workers’: women, sport and the workplace in Scotland 1919–1939
vol. 55 (5): 594-606
‘King Solomon's mines cannot compare with the money that has been raked in by greyhound racing’: greyhound racing, its critics and the working class, c. 1926–1951
vol. 55 (5): 607-621
Trade unionism in British sport, 1920–1964
vol. 55 (5): 622-637
The business of leisure: sport, labour and co-operation in post-war Britain
vol. 55 (5): 638-653
Unions, central banks, and EMU: labour market institutions and monetary integration in Europe
vol. 55 (5): 654-654
It's the labour costs stupid! Or is it? The complex origins of southern discomfort in the eurozone crisis
vol. 55 (5): 655-660
Europe would be better off without the Euro: a comparative political economy perspective on the Euro crisis
vol. 55 (5): 661-666
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