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The European Legacy: Toward New Paradigms

A Jewish Kapo in Auschwitz: History, Memory, and the Politics of Survival
In Search of Sacred Truth: Jacobus de Voragine and The Golden Legend
The Legitimacy of Miracle
Cognitive Iconology: When and How Psychology Explains Images

The Historian

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vol. 78 (2): 203-203
Issue Information - Prelim page
vol. 78 (2): 204-204
Issue Information - TOC
vol. 78 (2): 205-211
“Different Points of View?”: The Daily Telegraph Affair as a Transnational Media Event
Nathan N. Orgill, vol. 78 (2): 213-257
The Military Intelligence Training Center and the war against Nazism
Patricia Kollander, vol. 78 (2): 258-276
The Creation of a Controversial Anti-Communist Martyr in Early Cold War America: Reactions to the Arrest and Show Trial of Cardinal Joseph Mindszenty of Hungary, 1948–1949
Eric Jarvis, vol. 78 (2): 277-308
Faisal I of Iraq. By Ali A. Allawi. (New Haven, CT: Yale University Press, 2014. Pp. xxxiv, 634, $45.00.)
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Joshua Friesen, vol. 78 (2): 311-312
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Leif Manger, vol. 78 (2): 312-313
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Rhodri Jeffreys-Jones, vol. 78 (2): 315-316
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Krystyn R. Moon, vol. 78 (2): 316-317
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Alonzo L. Hamby, vol. 78 (2): 319-320
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Thomas P. Slaughter, vol. 78 (2): 323-324
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