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The History of the Family: An International Quarterly

Polygamy among indigenous people of northern West Siberia in ethnographic and early census materials
Gender and fertility within the free churches in the Sundsvall region, Sweden, 1860–1921
Sweden in 1930 and the 1930 census
Primary sources on the history of the Soviet family in the twentieth century: an analytical review
Sex differentials in phthisis mortality in England and Wales, 1861–1870
vol. 20 (3): 366-390
Intergenerational income mobility in Gothenburg, Sweden, 1925–1958, before the rise of the welfare state
vol. 20 (3): 469-488
Breaking the silence. Family ties and social networks of the deaf. A case study of East Flanders, Belgium, 1750–1950
vol. 20 (3): 446-468
The mid-twentieth century fertility boom from a global perspective
vol. 20 (3): 420-445
Mortality under and after sentence of male convicts transported to Van Diemen's Land (Tasmania), 1840–1852
vol. 20 (3): 345-365
‘A confession of ignorance’: deaths from old age and deciphering cause-of-death statistics in Scotland, 1855–1949
vol. 20 (3): 320-344
Denied their ‘natural nourishment’: religion, causes of death and infant mortality in the Netherlands, 1875–1899
vol. 20 (3): 391-419
Intergenerational offending in Liverpool and the north-west of England, 1850–1914
vol. 20 (2): 189-203
Prison registers, their possibilities and their pitfalls: the case of local prisons in nineteenth-century Quebec
vol. 20 (2): 163-188
Family strategy of economic inequality among brothers in Korean rural society, 1690–1795
vol. 20 (2): 291-307
Physical growth and ethnic inequality in New Zealand prisons, 1840–1975
vol. 20 (2): 249-269
‘Criminal families’ and the court: co-offending in Amsterdam, 1897–1902
vol. 20 (2): 270-290
Prison and the colonial family
vol. 20 (2): 231-248

The International History Review

‘The First Major Test’: The UN Secretary-General and the Palestine Problem, 1947–9
Nazi Leaks and Intrigues in Second World War Ankara: the Plot to Send Herbert Melzig to a Concentration Camp
A Quest to be Global: The League of Nations Health Organization and Inter-Colonial Regional Governing Agendas of the Far Eastern Association of Tropical Medicine 1910–25
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