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National Identities

Being Danish: Paradoxes of identity in everyday life
Performing nations, disrupting states: sporting identities in nations without states
vol. 16 (4): 283-289
‘Je suis socialiste et quinziste’: rugby, wine and socialism in the Aude since 1976
vol. 16 (4): 291-309
Sport and the Cornish: difference and identity on the English periphery in the twentieth century
vol. 16 (4): 311-326
Nation, state and identity in international sport
vol. 16 (4): 327-347
Ethnic and state sports in the context of the 2014 Sochi Olympics
vol. 16 (4): 349-364
Skiing and divergent ethnic identities in the multiethnic Northern Norway
vol. 16 (4): 365-376
For kick and country: the 2010 VIVA World Cup and sport as a site for expressions of alternate ‘national’ identities
vol. 16 (4): 377-393

Parliaments, Estates and Representation

Parliamentary reform at Westminster
The form of parliamentary government and ‘perfect’ bicameralism in the Italian constitutional system: at the beginning of the Italian constituents’ choices (1946–47)
Versailles und die Folgen. Außenpolitik zwischen Revisionismus und Verständigung 1919–1933
Monarchy, Religion and the State: Civil Religion in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and the Commonwealth
The issue of the secret ballot in the Cambridge and Oxford Union Societies, c.1830–72: an extension of the nineteenth-century parliamentary culture of debate
By-elections in British Politics, 1832–1914
The early stages of a parliamentary monarchy in Aragonese Sicily: Curia generalis and Rex Trinacriae during the reign of Frederick III (1296–1321)
vol. 34 (2): 133-150
‘Royal supremacy restored?’ Scottish parliamentary independence in the Restoration era, 1660–88
vol. 34 (2): 151-166
Catholics in the Irish Parliament: Daniel O'Connell and his influence in Italy
vol. 34 (2): 167-181
Great Britain and the Norwegian constitution of 1814
vol. 34 (2): 182-202
Ein Parlament für den Deutschen Bund? Zur Frage einer gesamtdeutschen Nationalvertretung in den Jahren 1851 bis 1866
vol. 34 (2): 203-215
From the Hague Congress to the Council of Europe: hopes, achievements and disappointments in the parliamentary way to European integration (1948–51)
vol. 34 (2): 216-227
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