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The Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History

‘The Laws of his Own Country’: Defamation, Banishment and the Problem of Legal Pluralism in the 1820s Cape Colony
‘Playing the Russian Game’: Black Radicalism, the Press, and Colonial Office Attempts to Control Anti-Colonialism in the Early Cold War, 1946–50
vol. 43 (3): 509-534
The Long Goodbye: British Agency in the Creation of Navies for India and Pakistan
vol. 43 (3): 463-488
The Trans-Saharan Railway and the Politics of Imperial Expansion, 1890–1900
vol. 43 (3): 438-462
Special Rights in the Malaysian Constitution and the Framers' Dilemma, 1956–57
vol. 43 (3): 535-556
Peasant Settlers and the ‘Civilising Mission’ in Russian Turkestan, 1865–1917
vol. 43 (3): 387-417
The Influence of ‘Benthamite’ Philosophies on British Colonial Policy on New Zealand in the Era of the Treaty of Waitangi
vol. 43 (3): 367-386
Beyond Talwar: A Cultural Reappraisal of the 1946 Royal Indian Navy Mutiny
vol. 43 (3): 489-508
Wesleyan Methodists, Humanitarianism and the Zulu Question, 1878–87
vol. 43 (3): 418-437
Empires of Sentiment; Intimacies from Death: David Livingstone and African Slavery ‘at the Heart of the Nation’
vol. 43 (2): 210-237
Falling off the Map: South Africa, Antarctica and Empire, c. 1919–59
vol. 43 (2): 267-291
Neo-Colonialism Reconsidered: A Case Study of East Africa in the 1960s and 1970s
vol. 43 (2): 317-341
Legal Pluralism and Empire, 1500–1850, Edited by Lauren Benton and Ronald J. Ross
vol. 43 (2): 346-349
Sanitation, Disease and Public Health in Sierra Leone, West Africa, 1895–1922: Case Failure of British Colonial Health Policy
vol. 43 (2): 238-266
Collective Action when Needed: The Kingston Chamber of Commerce in Jamaica, 1778–85
vol. 43 (2): 165-188
Rethinking the Rise and Fall of the Malayan Security Service, 1946–48
vol. 43 (2): 292-316
‘Caution! The Bread is Poisoned’: The Hong Kong Mass Poisoning of January 1857
vol. 43 (2): 189-209
Political Legacy of the British Empire: Power and the Parliamentary System in Post-Colonial India and Sri Lanka, by Harshan Kumarasingham
vol. 43 (2): 357-358
De quoi fut fait l'empire: Les guerres coloniales au XIXe siècle, by Jacques Frémeaux
vol. 43 (2): 352-354
Empire and Environmental Anxiety: Health, Science, Art and Conservation in South Asia and Australasia, 1800–1920, by James Beattie
vol. 43 (2): 344-346
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