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The Journal of Contemporary History

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Into the Tiger's Den: Japan and the Tripartite Pact, 1940
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A Smashing Success? The Paradox of Hungarian Cultural Imperialism in Nazi New Order Europe, 1939-42
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French Politics of Relief and International Aid: France, UNRRA and the Rescue of European Displaced Persons in Postwar Germany, 1945-47
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The Maoist Enemy: Chinas Challenge in 1960s East Germany
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'Keeping with Contemporary Times: Social Tourism and West German Youth Hostel Organizations, 1950s-80s
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Music and Protest: The Case of the 1960s and its Long Shadow
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The Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History

The Dwarf, the Goetzen and C. S. Forester’s African Queen: A Reassessment of Naval Operations in First World War Africa
vol. 44 (4): 592-621
British Imperialism and the Political Economy of Malayan Independence
vol. 44 (3): 470-491
The Imperialism of Internment: Boer Prisoners of War in India and Civic Reconstruction in Southern Africa, 1899–1905
vol. 44 (3): 423-447
Funeral Planning: British Involvement in the Funeral of President Jomo Kenyatta
vol. 44 (3): 513-532
The Commonwealth and the Oath of Allegiance Crisis: A Study in Inter-War Commonwealth Relations
vol. 44 (3): 492-512
The Meaning of Things: Kipling’s Formative Journey ‘Home’ in 1889 and the Late Victorian Imperial Tour
vol. 44 (3): 373-396
Social Careers Across Imperial Spaces: An Empire Family in the Dutch-British World, 1811-1933
vol. 44 (3): 397-422
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