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Journal of the History of Collections

'Nummus aliquantulum suspectus: the counterfeit coins of the Tux collection (1715-1798) at the University of Tubingen
Krmnicek, S., vol. 28 (1): 15-25
The artist as collector: Francois Boucher (1703-1770)
Priebe, J., vol. 28 (1): 27-42
The Stafford Gallery at Cleveland House and the 2nd Marquess of Stafford as a collector
Humfrey, P., vol. 28 (1): 43-55
A museum of souvenirs: Adolphe Thiers, collector of the nineteenth century
Lasc, A. I., vol. 28 (1): 57-71
Manuel Lopez Cepero (1778-1858) and the trade in paintings between Madrid and Seville in the first half of the nineteenth century
Martinez Plaza, P. J., Translated by Wade A. Matthews, vol. 28 (1): 73-84
A nineteenth-century glyptic collection in the National Museum in Krakow: the cabinet of Constantine Schmidt-Ciązyłski
Gołyźniak, P., Natkaniec-Nowak, L., Dumałska-Słowik, M., vol. 28 (1): 85-96
The Ithaca jewel: an authentic fake
Baker, A., vol. 28 (1): 97-108
'Spurious Articles: the purchases of the Department of Science and Art from the Hamilton Palace sale of 1882
Maxwell, C., vol. 28 (1): 109-124
Early museological development within the Japanese Empire
Huang, P., vol. 28 (1): 125-135
J. C. Bradleys narrative of the Cornell Entomological Expedition to South America (1919-1920): collecting localities and entomological travel details
Rasmussen, C., vol. 28 (1): 137-147
La Collezione del principe Lelio Orsini nel palazzo di piazza Navona a Roma
Furlotti, B., vol. 28 (1): 149-150
The Rise of Heritage: Preserving the Past in France, Germany and England, 1789-1914
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Die Geburt des burgerlichen Kunstmuseums - Johann Friedrich Stadel und sein Kunstinstitut in Frankfurt am Main. Berliner Schriften zur Museumsforschung Band 32
Conlin, J., vol. 28 (1): 151-152
Die Erkundung Brasiliens. Friedrich Sellows unvollendete Reise
Mason, P., vol. 28 (1): 152-154
Magical Gems from the Collection of Constantine Schmidt-Ciazynski and from other Polish Collections
Henig, M., vol. 28 (1): 154-155
Delicious Decadence - The Rediscovery of French Eighteenth-Century Painting in the Nineteenth Century
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Exhibit Ireland: Ethnographic Collections in Irish Museums
McEvansoneya, P., vol. 28 (1): 157-158
Books Received
vol. 28 (1): 159-160

Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences

Constitutional Therapy and Clinical Racial Hygiene in Weimar and Nazi Germany
Hau, M., vol. 71 (2): 115-143
Music, Mechanism, and the "Sonic Turn" in Physical Diagnosis
Pesic, P., vol. 71 (2): 144-172
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