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Settler Colonial Studies

Introduction: Indigeneity and the work of settler archives
Melissa Adams-Campbell, vol. 5 (2): 109-116
Archival recognition: the Pointe-au-Chien's and Isle de Jean Charles Band of the Biloxi-Chitmacha Confederation of Muskogees' fight for federal recognition
Courtney Rivard, vol. 5 (2): 117-127
Archival absence: the burden of history
Ashley Glassburn Falzetti, vol. 5 (2): 128-144
Life of Black Hawk: a Sauk and Mesquakie archive
Melissa Adams-Campbell, vol. 5 (2): 145-157
Brief response to ‘Indigeneity and the colonial work of the archives’
Rosa-Linda Fregoso, vol. 5 (2): 158-160
Second-rate victims: the forced sterilization of Indigenous peoples in the USA and Canada
Leonardo Pegoraro, vol. 5 (2): 161-173
‘Killed for being in the way of the great land theft’: civilian-driven settler genocides in California and Queensland
Mohamed Adhikari, vol. 5 (2): 174-185
The transit of empire: indigenous critiques of colonialism
Adam J. Barker, vol. 5 (2): 186-189
Colonialism and the politicisation of difference
Suren Pillay, vol. 5 (2): 189-191
Remembering ‘the blackfellows’ dam': Australian Aboriginal water management and settler colonial riparian law in the upper Roper River, Northern Territory
‘Nothing never change’: mapping land, water and Aboriginal identity in the changing environments of northern Australia's Gulf Country
Richard J. Martin, ONLINE EARLY
Decolonising Indigenous water ‘rights’ in Australia: flow, difference, and the limits of law
Peter Burdon, ONLINE EARLY
Returning to the water to enact a treaty relationship: the Two Row Wampum Renewal Campaign
Jessica Hallenbeck, ONLINE EARLY
Indigenous place and diaspora space: of literalism and abstraction
Daniel Coleman, ONLINE EARLY
‘North’ in contemporary Canadian national–cultural imaginaries: a haunted phantasm
Nazifying colonialism: settler colonialism and the fate of Germany's colonial chronotope
Matthew P. Fitzpatrick, ONLINE EARLY
Stealing home: decolonizing baseball's origin stories and their relations to settler colonialism
Craig Fortier, ONLINE EARLY
Agency and structural constraints: Indigenous peoples and the Australian settler-state in North Queensland
Alexander Page, ONLINE EARLY
Saltwater cowboys: life in a time of death and destruction
Reconciling Canada: Critical Perspectives on the Culture of Redress
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