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The Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History

Le syndrome Foccart: la politique française en Afrique, de 1959 à nos jours, by Jean-Pierre Bat
vol. 43 (2): 342-344
Imperial Justice: Africans in Empire's Court, by Bonny Ibhawoh
vol. 43 (2): 354-356
Divided Rule: Sovereignty and Empire in French Tunisia, 1881–1938, by Mary Dewhurst Lewis
vol. 43 (2): 358-361
Sovereignty, Property and Empire, 1500–2000, by Andrew Fitzmaurice
vol. 43 (2): 349-352
The Victorian Empire and Britain's Maritime World, Edited by Miles Taylor
vol. 43 (2): 363-365
Science, Race Relations and Resistance: Britain. 1870–1914: A Study of Late Victorian and Edwardian Racism, by Douglas A. Lorimer
vol. 43 (2): 361-363

The Journal of Legal History

Notes on Contributors
vol. 36 (2): 127-127
Coke, Collusion, and Conveyances: Unearthing the Roots of Twyne's Case
vol. 36 (2): 129-151
Equity without Chancery: The Fusion of Law and Equity in the Field Code of Civil Procedure, New York 1846–76
vol. 36 (2): 152-191
The Transatlantic Origins of the Business Trust
vol. 36 (2): 192-210
Making Money: Coin, Currency and the Coming of Capitalism
vol. 36 (2): 211-213

The Journal of Pacific History

Cap Bocage: when a mountain fell into the sea
Greed and Grievance in Solomon Islands
John Roughan
Niue 1774–1974: 200 years of contact and change
vol. 50 (2): 0-0
From Science to Religion: Justifying French Pacific Voyaging and Expansion in the Period of the Restoration and the July Monarchy
vol. 50 (2): 109-127
Lost Files, Forgotten Papers and Colonial Disclosures: The ‘Migrated Archives' and the Pacific, 1963–2013
vol. 50 (2): 189-212
From the Archives
vol. 50 (2): 213-223
Hawaiian Music in Motion: mariners, missionaries, and minstrels
vol. 50 (2): 246-247
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