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The History of the Family: An International Quarterly

The forming and fracturing of families on a South Carolina rice plantation, 1812–1865
‘Happiness again’: photographing and narrating the arrival of Hungarian child refugees and their families 1956–1957
‘The beneficent and legal godfather’: a history of the guardianship of unaccompanied immigrant and refugee children in Australia, 1946–1975
Alexander and Anastayzia: the separation and search for family among Europe’s displaced

The International History Review

Attlee, Bevin, and Political Warfare: Labour's Secret Anti-Communist Campaign in Europe, 1948–51
vol. 39 (3): 426-449
Balance of Power vs. Perpetual Peace: Paradigms of European Order from Utrecht to Vienna, 1713–1815
vol. 39 (3): 404-425
Re-evaluating the Yom Kippur ‘Intelligence Failure’: The Cultural Lens in Crisis
vol. 39 (3): 470-495
Missionary Critiques of Empire, 1920–1932: Between Interventionism and Anti-imperialism
vol. 39 (3): 377-403
They Fear Us, yet Cling to Us: Russian Negotiations with Tsushima Domain Officials during the 1861 Tsushima Incident
vol. 39 (3): 521-545
The Training of Secret Police in Conflictual Intelligence Cultures: British Failure in the Middle East during the Cold War
vol. 39 (3): 450-469
Ronald Reagan, the Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign and the Nuclear scare of the 1980s
vol. 39 (3): 496-520
Beyond the Foreign Office Papers: The Making of an International Historian
vol. 39 (3): 546-570
Franco: A Personal and Political Biography, by Stanley G. Payne and Jesús Palacios
vol. 39 (3): 573-574
‘‘This Secret Town’: British Intelligence, the Special Relationship, and the Vietnam War’
vol. 39 (2): 338-367
Anschluss: The Chamberlain Government and the First Test of Appeasement, February–March 1938
vol. 39 (2): 274-294
Napoleon, Jefferson, and the Louisiana Purchase
vol. 39 (2): 237-255
Early Modern Peace and International Society: Using Disciplinary Hybridity to Question the Pax Hispanica (1598–1618)
vol. 39 (2): 216-236
British hospitality for an unfortunate prince: the Duc de Bordeaux's visit to Britain as an early test of the entente cordiale, 1843–4
vol. 39 (2): 177-195
‘A Hazardous Task’: Britain and the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations
vol. 39 (2): 196-215
Pax Britannica. Ruling the Waves. Ruling the Waves and Keeping the Peace before Armageddon, by Barry Gough
vol. 39 (2): 374-375
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