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The Sixties: A Journal of History, Politics and Culture

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vol. 8 (2): 0-0

Twentieth Century British History

Familiarity Breeds Consent? Patriotic Rituals in British First World War Propaganda
Monger, D., vol. 26 (4): 501-528
Trouble at the National Trust: Post-war Recreation, the Benson Report and the Rebuilding of a Conservation Organization in the 1960s
Nixon, S., vol. 26 (4): 529-550
The Closure of Michael Colliery in 1967 and the Politics of Deindustrialization in Scotland
Phillips, J., vol. 26 (4): 551-572
The Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) and the Humanitarian Industry in Britain, 1963-85
Jones, A., vol. 26 (4): 573-601
'Future Forecast--Changeable and Probably Getting Worse': The UK Government's Early Response to Anthropogenic Climate Change
Agar, J., vol. 26 (4): 602-628
Changing War: The British Army, the Hundred Days Campaign and the Birth of the Royal Air Force, 1918. By Gary Sheffield and Peter Gray (eds).
Kitchen, J., vol. 26 (4): 629-631
The IRA in Britain, 1919-1923: 'In the Heart of Enemy Lines'. By Gerard Noonan.
Gallagher, N., vol. 26 (4): 631-633
Ireland and the Irish in Interwar England. By Mo Moulton.
Gannon, D., vol. 26 (4): 633-636
The Politics of Hospital Provision in Early Twentieth-Century Britain, By Barry Doyle
Hayes, N., vol. 26 (4): 636-638
Ellen Wilkinson: From Red Suffragette to Government Minister. By Paula Bartley. * 'Red Ellen' Wilkinson: Her Ideas, Movements and World. By Matt Perry.
Beers, L., vol. 26 (4): 638-641
British Cultural Memory and the Second World War
Morley, J., vol. 26 (4): 642-644
The Mass Observers: A History, 1937-1949. By James Hinton.
Mansell, J. G., vol. 26 (4): 644-646
Britain in Global Politics Volume 1: From Gladstone to Churchill. Edited by Christopher Baxter, Michael L. Dockrill, and Keith Hamilton. * Britain in Global Politics Volume 2: From Churchill to Blair. Edited by John W. Young, Effie G. H. Pedaliu, and Mich
Haeussler, M., vol. 26 (4): 646-649
Queer Domesticities: Homosexuality and Home Life in Twentieth-Century London. By Matt Cook.
Ramsay, L., vol. 26 (4): 649-651
Against the Grain: the British Far Left from 1956. Edited by Evan Smith and Matthew Worley
Davis, M., vol. 26 (4): 651-653
Allies Apart: Heath, Nixon and the Anglo-American Relationship. By Andrew Scott.
Ellison, J., vol. 26 (4): 653-656
Racism, Class and the Racialized Outsider. By Satnam Virdee.
Mukherjee, S., vol. 26 (4): 656-658

Twentieth-Century China

Kristin Stapleton, vol. 40 (3): 167-167
Kenneth Pomeranz, vol. 40 (3): 168-180
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