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The Journal of Pacific History

Kanak: l'art est une parole = Kanak: art is speech
vol. 51 (2): 215-216
Island Queens and Mission Wives: how gender and empire remade Hawai‘i's Pacific world
vol. 51 (2): 220-222
Hugh Laracy
vol. 51 (1): 43-47
Shifting Patterns: Pacific barkcloth clothing
vol. 51 (1): 52-54
War for Guam
vol. 51 (1): 57-58
Watriama and Co: further Pacific Islands portraits
vol. 51 (1): 63-65
Native American Whalemen and the World: Indigenous encounters and the contingency of race; Living with Whales: documents and oral histories of native New England whaling industry
vol. 51 (1): 65-66
The Fifth Column in World War II: suspected subversives in the Pacific War and Australia
vol. 51 (1): 73-75
Colonial Contexts and Postcolonial Theologies: storyweaving in the Asia-Pacific
vol. 51 (1): 78-80
Pacific–Asia Partnerships in Resource Development
vol. 51 (1): 80-81
Idyllic No More: Pacific Island climate, corruption and development dilemmas
vol. 51 (1): 81-83
Maʻafu, Prince of Tonga, Chief of Fiji: the life and times of Fiji's first Tui Lau
vol. 51 (1): 85-86
Entanglements of Empire: missionaries, Māori and the question of the body
vol. 51 (1): 93-95
The Adventures of Jonathan Dennis: bicultural film archiving practice in Aotearoa New Zealand
vol. 51 (1): 97-98
Degei’s Descendants: spirits, place and people in pre-cession Fiji
vol. 51 (1): 101-103
Abrogating Responsibility? Vesteys, anthropology and the future of Aboriginal people
vol. 51 (1): 104-105
Lords of the Land: Indigenous property rights and the jurisprudence of empire
vol. 51 (1): 106-107
Cattle Colonialism: an environmental history of the conquest of California and Hawaiʻi
vol. 51 (1): 107-109
A Mission Divided: race, culture and colonialism in Fiji's Methodist mission
Polynesian Panthers: Pacific protest and affirmative action in Aotearoa New Zealand 1971–1981
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