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Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences

Before Bioethics: A History of American Medical Ethics from the Colonial Period to the Bioethics Revolution
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Private Practices: Harry Stack Sullivan, the Science of Homosexuality, and American Liberalism
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Polio Wars: Sister Kenny and the Golden Age of American Medicine
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An Image of God: The Catholic Struggle with Eugenics
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Journal of Tourism History

Fun, faith and fellowship: British Methodism and tourism in the twentieth century
Clive D. Field, vol. 7 (1-2): 75-99
New Tourism Archives: The records of the East African Professional Hunters’ Association
Trevor M. Simmons, vol. 7 (1-2): 131-134
‘Take Amtrak to Black History’: marketing heritage tourism to African Americans in the 1970s
Tammy S. Gordon, vol. 7 (1-2): 54-74
In Memoriam Dr Richard H. Gassan, 1958–2015
Gerald McFarland, vol. 7 (1-2): 177-178
Touring the field: the infrastructure of tourism history scholarship
Bertram M. Gordon, vol. 7 (1-2): 135-156
Editor's introduction
Eric G. E. Zuelow, vol. 7 (1-2): 1-4
Framing the ocean, 1700 to the present: envisaging the sea as social space
Glenn S. Gordinier, vol. 7 (1-2): 189-190
Modern mass tourism
Pau Obrador, vol. 7 (1-2): 181-182
Second home tourism in Europe: lifestyle issues and policy responses
Roger Marjavaara, vol. 7 (1-2): 179-181
Steamboats and pleasure travels: success and failure of the first Spanish initiatives in the mid-nineteenth century
Gaetano Cerchiello, vol. 7 (1-2): 18-35
Leisure travel and real existing socialism: new research on tourism in the Soviet Union and communist Eastern Europe
Adam T. Rosenbaum, vol. 7 (1-2): 157-176
Representations and social practices of alternative tourists in post-war Greece to the end of the Greek military Junta
Michalis Nikolakakis, vol. 7 (1-2): 5-17
Tourism and empire
Shelley Baranowski, vol. 7 (1-2): 100-130
Gamle Norge and nineteenth-century British women travellers in Norway
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William Wordsworth and the invention of tourism, 1820–1900
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Railway heritage and tourism: global perspectives
Kevin Hannam, vol. 7 (1-2): 183-184
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