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Australian Historical Studies

Expedition into Empire: Exploratory Journeys and the Making of the Modern World
vol. 46 (3): 480-481
Entanglements of Empire: Missionaries, Māori, and the Question of the Body
vol. 46 (3): 481-483
Launching Marsden's Mission: The Beginnings of the Church Missionary Society in New Zealand, Viewed from New South Wales
vol. 46 (3): 483-484
The Enderby Settlement: Britain's Whaling Venture on the Subantarctic Auckland Islands 1849–52
vol. 46 (3): 484-485
Inside Australian Culture: Legacies of Enlightenment Values
vol. 46 (3): 485-486
Philanthropy and Settler Colonialism, by Anne O'Brien
vol. 46 (3): 486-487
Furphies and Whizz-Bangs: Anzac Slang from the Great War, by Amanda Laugesen
vol. 46 (3): 487-488
Sport and the British World, 1900–1930: amateurism and national identity in Australasia and beyond, by Erik Nielsen
vol. 46 (3): 488-489
Out of Place (Gwalia): occasional essays on Australian regional communities and built environments in transition, edited by Philip Goldswain
vol. 46 (3): 489-491
Sydney Beaches: A History, by Caroline Ford
vol. 46 (3): 491-492
Albert Hall: The Heart of Canberra, by Lenore Coltheart
vol. 46 (3): 492-493
Making a New Land: Environmental Histories of New Zealand, New Edition, edited by Eric Pawson and Tom Brooking
vol. 46 (3): 494-494
Histories of Nation and Place, Australian Style
vol. 46 (2): 155-156
Environmental History, Australian Style
vol. 46 (2): 157-173
Legal Change, Convict Activism and the Reform of Penal Relocation in Colonial New South Wales: The Port Macquarie Penal Settlement, 1822–26
vol. 46 (2): 174-190
Howling Wilderness and Promised Land: Imagining the Victorian Mallee, 1840–1914
vol. 46 (2): 191-213
The Human Motor: Hubert Opperman and Endurance Cycling in Interwar Australia
vol. 46 (2): 214-233
Postwar Immigration and Assimilation: A Reconceptualisation
vol. 46 (2): 234-251
‘In the Backblocks of Capitalism’: Australian Student Activism in the Global 1960s
vol. 46 (2): 252-268
‘To the Brink of Manufacture’: Nuclear Weapons, the Anglo-American Alliance and Australia’s Approach to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty
vol. 46 (2): 269-284
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