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Art History

On the Uses of Origins for Futurism
Rosalind McKever, ONLINE EARLY

Australian Economic History Review

Chinese Regions in the Great Divergence: Provincial Gross Domestic Product per Capita, 1873–1918
Paul Caruana-Galizia, Ye Ma, ONLINE EARLY
Long-Run Trends in Australian Executive Remuneration: BHP, 1887–2012
Mike Pottenger, Andrew Leigh, ONLINE EARLY
Non-Residential Capital Stock in Latin America, 1875–2008: New Estimates and International Comparisons
Xavier Tafunell, Cristián Ducoing, ONLINE EARLY
Trust, Financial Regulation, and Growth
Forrest Capie, ONLINE EARLY
Do Natural Energy Endowments Matter? New Zealand and Uruguay in a Comparative Perspective, 1870–1940
Reto Bertoni, Henry Willebald, ONLINE EARLY

Australian Historical Studies

New Directions in Australian History
vol. 47 (2): 189-190
Enshrined in Law: Legislative Justifications for the Removal of Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Children in Colonial and Post-Colonial Australia
vol. 47 (2): 191-208
Proximate Strangers and Familiar Antagonists: Violence on an Intimate Frontier
vol. 47 (2): 209-224
Winda Lingo Parugoneit or Why Set the Bush [On] Fire? Fire and Victorian Aboriginal People on the Colonial Frontier
vol. 47 (2): 225-240
Contesting White Australia: Black Jazz Musicians in a White Man's Country
vol. 47 (2): 241-258
Chinese Students in White Australia: State, Community, and Individual Responses to the Student Visa Program, 1920-25
vol. 47 (2): 259-277
The Collaboration of Intellectuals and Politicians in the Postwar Reconstruction: A Reassessment
vol. 47 (2): 278-294
‘Days of Rage’ Downunder: Considering American Influences on ‘Home-Grown’ Terrorism and ASIO's response in 1970s Australia
vol. 47 (2): 295-310
Tom Stannage 1944–2012
vol. 47 (2): 311-313
Geoffrey Bolton 1931–2015
vol. 47 (2): 314-315
The Asia-Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art: Global and Local in Australia
vol. 47 (2): 316-324
Intolerant Bodies: A Short History of Autoimmunity
vol. 47 (2): 325-326
The Hanged Man and the Body Thief: Finding Lives in a Museum Mystery
vol. 47 (2): 326-327
Insanity, Identity and Empire: Immigrants and Institutional Confinement in Australia and New Zealand 1873–1910 / Migration, Ethnicity, and Madness: New Zealand, 1860–1910
vol. 47 (2): 327-329
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