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Social History

Pauper Children and Poor Law Childhoods in England and Wales, 1834–1910
vol. 42 (3): 437-439
Walking Histories, 1800–1914
vol. 42 (3): 439-440
Christmas and the British: a modern history
vol. 42 (3): 441-442
Domestic Tensions, National Anxieties: global perspectives on marriage, crisis and nation
vol. 42 (3): 442-444
Settler Jamaica in the 1750s: a social portrait
vol. 42 (3): 444-445
Keep On Keeping On: the NAACP and the implementation of Brown v. Board of Education in Virginia
vol. 42 (3): 446-447
Interpreting in Nazi Concentration Camps
vol. 42 (3): 447-449
Soviet Street Children and the Second World War: welfare and social control under Stalin
vol. 42 (3): 449-451
Making the Soviet Intelligentsia: universities and intellectual life under Stalin and Khrushchev
vol. 42 (3): 451-452
The Value of Labor: the science of commodification in Hungary, 1920–1956
vol. 42 (3): 452-454
Cold War Anthropology: the CIA, the Pentagon and the growth of dual use anthropology
vol. 42 (3): 454-455
World Histories From Below: disruption and dissent, 1750 to the present
vol. 42 (3): 456-458
The Shock of the Anthropocene: the Earth, history, and us
vol. 42 (3): 458-460

Social History of Medicine

Maureen K. Lux, Separate Beds: A History of Indian Hospitals in Canada, 1920s–1980s
Anna Katharina Schaffner, Exhaustion: A History
Anne Stobart, Household Medicine in Seventeenth-Century England
Guenter B. Risse, Driven by Fear: Epidemics and Isolation in San Francisco’s House of Pestilence
Lisa Marie Griffith and Ciarán Wallace (eds), Grave Matters: Death and Dying in Dublin 1500 to the Present
Tom Crook, Governing Systems: Modernity and the Making of Public Health in England, 1830–1910
Okezi T. Otovo, Progressive Mothers, Better Babies. Race, Public Health, and the State in Brazil (1850–1945)
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