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Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences

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Medical Aid, Repression, and International Relations: The East German Hospital at Metema
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Cancer on Trial: Oncology as a New Style of Practice
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Medical Monopoly: Intellectual Property Rights and the Origins of the Modern Pharmaceutical Industry
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Panic and Culture: Hysterike Pnix in the Ancient Greek World
Mattern, S. P., vol. 70 (4): 491-515
Anatomical Mercury: Changing Understandings of Quicksilver, Blood, and the Lymphatic System, 1650-1800
Hendriksen, M. M. A., vol. 70 (4): 516-548
"Made Up from Many Experimentall Notions": The Society of Apothecaries, Medical Humanism, and the Rhetoric of Experience in 1630s London
Levitin, D., vol. 70 (4): 549-587
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