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The International History Review

‘‘This Secret Town’: British Intelligence, the Special Relationship, and the Vietnam War’
Anschluss: The Chamberlain Government and the First Test of Appeasement, February–March 1938
Attlee, Bevin, and Political Warfare: Labour's Secret Anti-Communist Campaign in Europe, 1948–51
Napoleon, Jefferson, and the Louisiana Purchase
Early Modern Peace and International Society: Using Disciplinary Hybridity to Question the Pax Hispanica (1598–1618)
British hospitality for an unfortunate prince: the Duc de Bordeaux's visit to Britain as an early test of the entente cordiale, 1843–4
‘A Hazardous Task’: Britain and the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations

The Journal of Contemporary History

German Child Distress, US Humanitarian Aid and Revisionist Politics, 1918-24
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The Rise and Fall of the Palestinian-Arab Middle Class Under the British Mandate, 1920-39
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Banknotes from the Underground: Counterfeiting and the International Order in Interwar Europe
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At the Intersection of Modernities: Migrants as Agents of Economic and Cultural Change
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Into the Tiger's Den: Japan and the Tripartite Pact, 1940
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A Smashing Success? The Paradox of Hungarian Cultural Imperialism in Nazi New Order Europe, 1939-42
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French Politics of Relief and International Aid: France, UNRRA and the Rescue of European Displaced Persons in Postwar Germany, 1945-47
Humbert, L., vol. 51 (3): 606-634
The Maoist Enemy: Chinas Challenge in 1960s East Germany
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'Keeping with Contemporary Times: Social Tourism and West German Youth Hostel Organizations, 1950s-80s
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Music and Protest: The Case of the 1960s and its Long Shadow
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