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Twentieth Century British History

Transitions in Middlebrow Writing, 1880-1930. Edited by Kate Macdonald and Christoph Singer.
Waller, P., vol. 27 (2): 326-328
Citizenship, Nation, Empire: The Politics of History Teaching in England, 1870-1930. By Peter Yeandle.
Howsam, L., vol. 27 (2): 328-330
Keyness Economic Consequences of the Peace: A Reappraisal. By Jens Hölscher and Matthias Klaes (Eds).
Toye, R., vol. 27 (2): 330-332

Women's History Review

Women of Power: half a century of female presidents and prime ministers worldwide; TORILD SKARD
vol. 25 (5): 863-864
Etchings from the Attic: looking back at feminist print-making from the 1980s
vol. 25 (5): 701-722
Theorising the Women's Liberation Movement as Cultural Heritage
vol. 25 (5): 847-862
‘A Job That Should Be Respected’: contested visions of motherhood and English Canada's second wave women's movements, 1970–1990
vol. 25 (5): 771-790
Women's Liberation at the Grass Roots: a view from some English towns, c.1968–1990
vol. 25 (5): 723-740
The Women's Movement and ‘Class Struggle’: gender, class formation and political identity in women's strikes, 1968–78.
vol. 25 (5): 741-755
White Women, Anti-Imperialist Feminism and the Story of Race within the US Women's Liberation Movement
vol. 25 (5): 756-770
The 1944 Education Act and Second Wave Feminism
vol. 25 (5): 791-811
Spreading the Word: feminist print cultures and the Women's Liberation Movement
vol. 25 (5): 812-831
Fighting for Recovery: foremothers and feminism in the 1970s
vol. 25 (5): 832-846
Arresting Dress: cross-dressing, law, and fascination in nineteenth-century San Francisco; Clare Sears
vol. 25 (5): 865-866
Civilizing Emotions: concepts in nineteenth-century Asia and Europe; MARGRIT PERNAU, HELGE JORDHEIM et al.
vol. 25 (5): 866-868
Historicising the Women's Liberation Movement
vol. 25 (5): 697-700
From Hiroshima to Lausanne: the World Congress of Mothers and the Hahaoya Taikai in the 1950s
vol. 25 (4): 671-695
Feminising Empire? British Women's Activist Networks in Defending and Challenging Empire from 1918 to Decolonisation
vol. 25 (4): 499-519
‘Going on with our little movement in the hum drum-way which alone is possible in a land like this’: Olive Schreiner and suffrage networks in Britain and South Africa, 1905–1913
vol. 25 (4): 536-550
‘The salvation of them’: emigration to North America from the nineteenth-century Irish women's convict prison
vol. 25 (4): 619-637
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