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Journal of Urban History

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The Artist as Developer and Advocate: Real Estate and Public Policy in SoHo, New York
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The "Loft Cause" or "Bohemia Gone Bourgeois?": Artist Housing and Private Development in Greenwich Village
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Seeing the City: The Filming of West Side Story
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Landscape in Motion: Nostalgia and Urban Redevelopment in Ed Ruscha's Then & Now: Hollywood Boulevard, 1973-2004
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City Stories: Place-Making Narratives in the Rise and Fall of Urban America
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Fear, Commercialism, Reform, and Antebellum Tourism to New York City
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Commercialism and Identity Politics in New York's Chinatown
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Chicago, Variously, Detroit Possibly?
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Truly In-between People: Situating Latinos in Twentieth-Century Urban History
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Gambling, Legitimacy, and the Limits of Community
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Constructing Open Space in the Modern City
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Is There a Sunbelt After All? And Should We Care?
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Journal of Victorian Culture

The Age of Asa: Lord Briggs, Public Life and History in Britain since 1945
vol. 21 (1): 118-120
The Poetry and the Politics: Radical Reform in Victorian England
vol. 21 (1): 123-126
Pre-Raphaelite Masculinities: Constructions of Masculinity in Art and Literature
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Reading with the Occultists: Arthur Machen, A. E. Waite, and the Ecstasies of Popular Fiction
vol. 21 (1): 40-55
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