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The Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History

The Neo-colonialism of Decolonisation: Katangan Secession and the Bringing of the Cold War to the Congo
vol. 45 (1): 93-130
Africa in Scotland, Scotland in Africa: Historical Legacies and Contemporary Hybridities, edited by Afe Adogame and Andrew Lawrence
vol. 45 (1): 149-151
Scotland, Empire and Decolonisation in the Twentieth Century, edited by Bryan S. Glass and John M. Mackenzie
vol. 45 (1): 153-155
India and the British Empire, Oxford History of the British Empire Companion Series, edited by Douglas M. Peers and Nandini Gooptu
vol. 45 (1): 160-161
African Predicament: Ancient Culture and the Quest for Development, by Erich Leistner
vol. 45 (1): 157-159
Malaysia's Defeat of Armed Communism: the Second Emergency, 1968–1989, by Ong Weichong
vol. 45 (1): 161-163
Special Days of Worship and National Religion in the Australian Colonies, 1790–c. 1914
Special Days of Worship and National Religion in the Australian Colonies, 1790–c. 1914
Imperial Outposts and the War Beyond: Singapore, Hong Kong and the British Empire’s Land Force Contribution to the Korean War

The Journal of Legal History

Carlen v Drury (1812): The Origins of the Internal Management Debate in Corporate Law
vol. 38 (1): 1-26
Defending the Accused: The Impact of Legal Representation on Criminal Trial Outcomes in Victoria, Australia 1861–1961
vol. 38 (1): 27-53
‘Female Husbands’, Community and Courts in the Eighteenth Century
vol. 38 (1): 54-79
Scottish Legal History Group Report 2016
vol. 38 (1): 80-83
Migrations of Manuscripts 2016
vol. 38 (1): 84-113
Rehabilitation and Probation in England and Wales, 1876-1962
vol. 38 (1): 114-116

The Journal of Pacific History

Decolonisation and the Pacific
vol. 51 (4): 451-462
Editorial Board
vol. 51 (4): 0-0
Hegel’s Owl: the life of Bernard Smith
The Pearl Frontier: Indonesian labor and indigenous encounters in Australia’s northern trading network
Consuming Ocean Island: stories of people and phosphate from Banaba
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