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Labor History

Plus ça change: trade unions, the military and politics in Burkina Faso, 1966 and 2014
vol. 57 (1): 107-125
International solidarity and foreign interventionism: Brazilian and American labor relations during the dictatorship in Brazil (1960s and 70s)
vol. 57 (1): 92-106
The legacies of coercion and the challenges of contingency: Mozambican unions in difficult times
vol. 57 (1): 126-140
Introduction: trade unions in the global south from imperialism to the present day
vol. 57 (1): 1-19
A “Labour War” in South Africa: the 1922 Rand Revolution in Sylvia Pankhurst’s Workers’ Dreadnought
vol. 57 (1): 20-34
Workers in the Vanguard: the 1960 industrial relations ordinance and the struggle for independence in Aden
vol. 57 (1): 35-52
‘The people need civil liberties’: trade unions and contested decolonisation in Singapore
vol. 57 (1): 53-70
The East African Railway Strike, 1959-60: labour’s challenge of inter-territorialism
vol. 57 (1): 71-91
Scabbing the Palouse: agricultural labor replacement and union busting in southeast Washington, 1917–1919
vol. 56 (4): 521-540
Industrial requiem: management, labor, and investment at the Lowell Machine Shop
vol. 56 (4): 407-422
“Buying brains and experts”: British coal owners, regulatory capture and miners’ health, 1918 – 1946
vol. 56 (4): 459-480
Anarchy in the UK(‘s most famous fortress): comradeship and cupidity in Gibraltar and neighbouring Spain, 1890–1902
vol. 56 (4): 385-406
Desirable skills? Non-Nordic citizens applying for work permits in Sweden, 1947–1950
vol. 56 (4): 481-498
Trade union recognition by MNCs: evidence of an underlying rationale in UK petrochemicals
vol. 56 (4): 499-520
Divergent fates: company unions and employee involvement committees under the railway labor and national labor relations acts
vol. 56 (4): 423-458
Injustice and outcomes: a comparative analysis of two major disputes
The choice of part-time employment in the United States and Canada, 1955–2000
British Communists and the 1932 turn to the trade unions
Teacher Unions conflict in New York City, 1935–1960
The fabric of irregular labor migration in twentieth-century Western Europe and North America: a comparative approach
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