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Journal of War & Culture Studies

The Memory of St Julien: Configuring Gas Warfare in Mary Riter Hamilton's Battlefield Art
Irene Gammel, ONLINE EARLY
Naval Narratives of Re-enactment: In Which We Serve and Sea of Fire
Jonathan Rayner, ONLINE EARLY
Learning to Live with Ghosts in the Aftermath of War: On documentary strategies in Rabih Mroué’s How Nancy Wished That Everything Was an April Fool's Joke
Solveig Gade, ONLINE EARLY
Introduction: Geographies of War and Culture Studies
Soldier or Student? The Recruitment of Australian University Students in the First World War
Véronique Duché, ONLINE EARLY
The Figure of the Soldier: Discourses of Indisputability and Heroism in a New Danish Commemorative Practice
Tea Dahl Christensen, ONLINE EARLY


Early and Middle Archaic Foragers in the Sonoran Desert: Investigations at the Ruelas Ridge Site
Barbara J. Roth, vol. 80 (2): 115-136
The Scars that Never Heal: Identifying Projectile Point Manufacturing Techniques from Flake Scars: A Case from Cedar Mesa, Utah
Jesse Morin, vol. 80 (2): 137-167
The Selene Obsidian Source (Formerly Sonora Unknown B) of the Upper Río Bavispe Basin, Sonora, Mexico
Karl W. Kibler, vol. 80 (2): 168-192
Hunter-gatherer Igneous Toolstone Procurement in Northern Arizona: A Geochemical Study of Projectile Points and Raw Material Sources
Theodore M. Roberts, vol. 80 (2): 193-212
McPherson Takes a Serious Look at the Oral Traditions of the Southwestern United States
Malcolm Benally, vol. 80 (2): 213-219

Labor History

A syndicalist moment? Democracy, insurgent unionism, and the ‘Outlaw Strike’ of 1920
vol. 57 (3): 390-414
A pivotal role? The AFL–CIO and the 2008 presidential election
vol. 57 (3): 299-322
Trade unions and workplace organization: regulating labour markets in the Belgian and American flat glass industry and in the Amsterdam diamond industry in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries
vol. 57 (3): 415-438
The Attlee government and welfare state reforms in post-war Italian Socialism (1945–51): Between universalism and class policies
vol. 57 (2): 277-297
Recruitment and coercion in Japan’s far north: evidence from colonial Karafuto’s forestry and construction industries, 1910–37
vol. 57 (2): 215-234
Beyond trade unions’ strategy? The social construction of precarious workers organizing in the city of Buenos Aires
vol. 57 (2): 193-214
All the labor problems fit to print: the New York Times and the cultural production of the U.S ‘labor problem’, 1870–1932
vol. 57 (2): 141-169
The centrality of labor time in South African gold mining since 1886
vol. 57 (2): 170-192
Labor strategies and agribusiness counterstrike during the Bracero Era: the peculiar case of the National Farm Labor Union, 1946–1952
vol. 57 (2): 235-257
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