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Labor History

Labor strategies and agribusiness counterstrike during the Bracero Era: the peculiar case of the National Farm Labor Union, 1946–1952
vol. 57 (2): 235-257
A cluster and its trajectory: evidence from the history of the French Champagne production cluster
vol. 57 (2): 258-276
Plus ça change: trade unions, the military and politics in Burkina Faso, 1966 and 2014
vol. 57 (1): 107-125
International solidarity and foreign interventionism: Brazilian and American labor relations during the dictatorship in Brazil (1960s and 70s)
vol. 57 (1): 92-106
The legacies of coercion and the challenges of contingency: Mozambican unions in difficult times
vol. 57 (1): 126-140
Introduction: trade unions in the global south from imperialism to the present day
vol. 57 (1): 1-19
A “Labour War” in South Africa: the 1922 Rand Revolution in Sylvia Pankhurst’s Workers’ Dreadnought
vol. 57 (1): 20-34
Workers in the Vanguard: the 1960 industrial relations ordinance and the struggle for independence in Aden
vol. 57 (1): 35-52
‘The people need civil liberties’: trade unions and contested decolonisation in Singapore
vol. 57 (1): 53-70
The East African Railway Strike, 1959-60: labour’s challenge of inter-territorialism
vol. 57 (1): 71-91
Scabbing the Palouse: agricultural labor replacement and union busting in southeast Washington, 1917–1919
vol. 56 (4): 521-540
Industrial requiem: management, labor, and investment at the Lowell Machine Shop
vol. 56 (4): 407-422
“Buying brains and experts”: British coal owners, regulatory capture and miners’ health, 1918 – 1946
vol. 56 (4): 459-480
Anarchy in the UK(‘s most famous fortress): comradeship and cupidity in Gibraltar and neighbouring Spain, 1890–1902
vol. 56 (4): 385-406
Desirable skills? Non-Nordic citizens applying for work permits in Sweden, 1947–1950
vol. 56 (4): 481-498
Divergent fates: company unions and employee involvement committees under the railway labor and national labor relations acts
vol. 56 (4): 423-458
Trade union recognition by MNCs: evidence of an underlying rationale in UK petrochemicals
vol. 56 (4): 499-520
Injustice and outcomes: a comparative analysis of two major disputes
The choice of part-time employment in the United States and Canada, 1955–2000
British Communists and the 1932 turn to the trade unions
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