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Labor History

A syndicalist moment? Democracy, insurgent unionism, and the ‘Outlaw Strike’ of 1920
A pivotal role? The AFL–CIO and the 2008 presidential election
Trade unions and workplace organization: regulating labour markets in the Belgian and American flat glass industry and in the Amsterdam diamond industry in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries


Ceramic Neolithic pottery in Cyprus—origin, technology and possible implications for social structure and identity
Doron Boness, vol. 47 (3): 233-254
Interregional contacts in the 6th millennium BC: tracing foreign influences in the hole-mouth jar from Ein El-Jarba, Israel
Katharina Streit, vol. 47 (3): 255-266
The consequences of Roman Imperialism: cultural change in the Basalt Region of Homs, Syria
Paul Newson, vol. 47 (3): 267-292
Gothic architecture in the Holy Land and Cyprus: from Acre to Famagusta
Denys Pringle, vol. 47 (3): 293-315
Templar and Hospitaller attitudes towards Islam in the Holy Land during the 12th and 13th centuries: some historiographical reflections
Nicholas Morton, vol. 47 (3): 316-327
The tabun and its misidentification in the archaeological record
Jennie Ebeling, vol. 47 (3): 328-349
vol. 47 (3): 350-357
Building WF16: construction of a Pre-Pottery Neolithic A (PPNA) pisé structure in Southern Jordan
Pascal Flohr, vol. 47 (2): 143-163
The fauna of Tell Nebi Mend (Syria) in the Bronze and Iron Age—a diachronic overview. Part 2: hunting, fowling and fishing
Caroline Grigson, vol. 47 (2): 164-185
Finger-impressed jar handles at Khirbet Qeiyafa: new light on administration in the Kingdom of Judah
Hoo-Goo Kang, vol. 47 (2): 186-205
A pictorial flask from central Cyprus: evidence for new internal networks at the Middle/Late Bronze Age transition
Giorgos Georgiou, vol. 47 (2): 206-220
Ingrid Moriah Swinnen, vol. 47 (2): 221-231

Library and Information History

Ebenezer Parkman’s World of Print: A Country Parson and the Print Culture of Eighteenth-Century Anglo-America
Ross W. Beales, vol. 31 (4): 229-257
Marischal College Library, Aberdeen, in the Nineteenth Century: An Overview
Iain Beavan, vol. 31 (4): 258-279
vol. 31 (4): 280-291
Katherine Birkwood, vol. 31 (4): 292-300

Medieval Archaeology

Commerce and Cult: Confronted Ideologies in 6th–9th-Century Europe
Martin Carver, vol. 59 (1): 1-23
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