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Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences

The Hidden History of a Famous Drug: Tracing the Medical and Public Acculturation of Peruvian Bark in Early Modern Western Europe (c. 1650–1720)

Journal of Tourism History

Books that link worlds: travel guides, the development of transportation infrastructure, and the emergence of the tourism industry in imperial Russia, nineteenth–early twentieth centuries
Evgenii V. Anisimov, vol. 8 (2): 184-204
Pera inns: the emergence of hosting as a business in Istanbul in the first half of the nineteenth century
Elif Bayraktar Tellan, vol. 8 (2): 127-146
The guestbook as historical source
Kevin J. James, vol. 8 (2): 147-166
The democratisation of tourism in the English Lake District: the role of the Co-operative Holidays Association and the Holiday Fellowship
Douglas Hope, vol. 8 (2): 105-126
Editor’s introduction
Eric G. E. Zuelow, vol. 8 (2): 103-104
Hosts and guests in early Cuba tourism
Richard E. Morris, vol. 8 (2): 167-183
Vacationland: tourism and the environment in the Colorado high country
Ben Bradley, vol. 8 (2): 205-207
Civilizing nature: national parks in global historical perspective
Mark Harvey, vol. 8 (2): 207-209
Archipelago tourism: policies and practices
Mark Hampton, vol. 8 (2): 209-211
Hotel life: the story of a place where anything can happen
Bob Davidson, vol. 8 (2): 211-213
John K. Walton Prize
vol. 8 (2): 214-214
Fountains of youth: medical tourism in Green Cove Springs, Florida, 1845–1900
Heather Hause, ONLINE EARLY

Journal of Urban History

When "Comoners Were Made Slaves by the Magistrates": The 1627 Election and Political Culture in Norwich
Williamson, F., vol. 43 (1): 3-17
Battling Crack: A Study of the Northwest Bronx Community and Clergy Coalitions Tactics
Wolfe, N. K., vol. 43 (1): 18-32
Historic Urbanization Process in Spain (1746-2013): From the Fall of the American Empire to the Real Estate Bubble
Cardesin Diaz, J. M., Araujo, J. M., vol. 43 (1): 33-52
Reshaping the Urban Space in Portuguese Fortified Cities: New Green Spaces Resulting from the Rehabilitation of Urban Fortifications--From the Nineteenth Century until the End of the Estado Novo Dictatorial Regime (1974)
dos Santos, J. M. R., vol. 43 (1): 53-69
Taming the War on Poverty: Memphis as a Case Study
Murray, G. S., vol. 43 (1): 70-90
City Glow: Streetlights, Emotions, and Nocturnal Life, 1880s-1910s
Kenny, N., vol. 43 (1): 91-114
"Choosing to Stay": Hurricane Katrina Narratives and the History of Claiming Place-Knowledge in New Orleans
Klopfer, A. N., vol. 43 (1): 115-139
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