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Past and Present

Past & Present Number 230 February 2016 - TOC
vol. 230 (1): 0-0
People, Space, and Law in Late Medieval and Early Modern Britain and Ireland
Houston, R. A., vol. 230 (1): 47-89
Beyond an Imperial Atlantic: Trajectories of Africans from Upper Guinea and West-Central Africa in the Early Atlantic World
Green, T., vol. 230 (1): 91-122
Mangled Bodies: Atrocity in the American Revolutionary War
Hoock, H., vol. 230 (1): 123-159
Incense and Industry: Labour and Capital in the Tea Districts of Huizhou, China
Liu, A. B., vol. 230 (1): 161-195
The Politics of Transcendence in Colonial Uganda
Peterson, D. R., vol. 230 (1): 197-225
The European Provenance of Decolonization
Ward, S., vol. 230 (1): 227-260

Post-Medieval Archaeology: Europe's leading journal of global historical archaeology

Risky business: historical archaeology of the Dutch salt enterprise on La Tortuga Island, Venezuela (1624–38)
Andrzej Antczak, vol. 49 (2): 189-219
Institutional non-correspondence: materiality and ideology in the mental institutions of New South Wales
Peta Longhurst, vol. 49 (2): 220-237
Development of the former Radcliffe Infirmary, Oxford, 1770–1900
Nigel Jeffries, vol. 49 (2): 238-268
Pigments from the Zuiddorp (Zuytdorp) ship sculpture: red, white and blue?
Wendy van Duivenvoorde, vol. 49 (2): 274-297
Heating the house. An archaeological and archaeometrical investigation into the tile-stoves of late-medieval Flanders, Belgium (14–17th centuries)
Kaatje De Langhe, vol. 49 (2): 291-312
The excavation of 19th-century back-to-back housing and courts and the Kenyon Cutlery Works at the site of the Stephenson Blake-Type Foundry, Upper Allen Street, Kenyon Alley and Edward Street, Sheffield
Fiona Wooler, vol. 49 (2): 321-342
Report of the Portable Antiquities Scheme 2014
Michael Lewis, vol. 49 (2): 334-346
A chronological guide to embossed Lipton Tea tins
Robin O. Mills, vol. 49 (2): 347-357

Psychoanalysis and History

vol. 18 (2): 147-153
‘A Country Beyond the Pleasure Principle’: Alexander Luria, Death Drive and Dialectic in Soviet Russia, 1917–1930
vol. 18 (2): 155-182
Failures of Form: Ideology and the Death Drive in the Work of Adrian Stokes
vol. 18 (2): 183-201
Re-emergence of the Death Instinct in Wilhelm Reich's Last Experiment
vol. 18 (2): 203-220
Of Symbolic Mortification and ‘Undead Life’: Slavoj Žižek on the Death Drive
vol. 18 (2): 221-256
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