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Journal of Religious History

Dominican and Jesuit Formal Education in the First Years of Spanish Manila (c. 1571–1621)
John N. Crossley, ONLINE EARLY
Why Worldwide Bible Translation Grows Exponentially
Matthias Gerner, ONLINE EARLY
The Necessity of Atheism: Making Sense of Secularisation
Callum G. Brown, ONLINE EARLY
Four Decades of “Discreet” Charismata: The Catholic Apostolic Church in Australia 1863–1900
Introduction: New Perspectives on Secularisation in Britain (and Beyond)
William Gibson, ONLINE EARLY
Friends Farm: Australia’s First Quaker Commune
William J. Metcalf, ONLINE EARLY
Believing in Secularisation — Stories of Decline, Potential, and Resurgence
A Wholesome Cure for the Wounded Soul: Confession, Emotions, and Self in Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century Catholicism
Elwin Hofman, ONLINE EARLY
“If It Teaches, It Teaches Imperceptibly:” Recasting the Secularity of the Victorian Public Sphere
Stefan Fisher-Høyrem, ONLINE EARLY
Towards the Post-Secular City? London since the 1960s
Jesus and Augustine: The God of Terror and the Origins of European Doubt
Dominic Erdozain, ONLINE EARLY
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